The bad news comes in all the time, battering us from every side. Wildfires. Earthquakes. Violence. Children killed. Persecution. It seems relentless.

And religion has got itself a very bad name. Oh yes. I don’t need to enumerate the instances when one faith has persecuted another, and continues to do so. It’s enough to make you despair.

Unless you look behind the headlines, at the things that the media does not report. I don’t know why. They have such power, and if only they would sometimes consider that good news is worth publishing, they could influence things for good.

Today a friend of mine has posted this Youtube clip.

Muslim Imam visits Christian church in Egypt

It is of a Muslim Imam (teacher), going with his friends and followers into a Christian church in Egypt, where they are welcomed, and where he is invited to address the congregation. He speaks very strongly about how important it is for them to continue to work together, for the sake of their country.  It’s clear that they are already friends and colleagues, and stood together through the uprising.

Yes, no doubt there are grounds for cynicism. But if this is their attitude, may God bless them.

On the same topic, recently a friend of ours, who is a Georgian Christian Archbishop, was invited by the head of the MECO mosque in Oxford (Muslim Education Centre of Oxford) to give the ‘khutba’ or sermon at the Friday prayers. This is a groundbreaking event and I hope there will be many more.

I have the full text of his talk, in which he explains the horrible causes of hate between Chechens and Georgians, and how his own church there overcame this hatred to help refugee Chechens. His church has gone on to develop its reconciliation work in all sorts of ways.

When I hear of these things happening – and a great deal more is happening that is never covered by the media (why not??!!) then I feel proud to be a person of faith amongst friends who are living out their faith in very difficult situations, in ways that work towards harmony.  They are not sitting down in despair.  They are doing everything they can.


14 thoughts on “GREEN SHOOTS OF HOPE

  1. Your faith in the face of uncertainty or difficulty and in celebration has always inspired me. Thank you for being an example of light in a world that more often than not can seem incredibly dark…
    take care.


      1. Didn’t realise which blog I was logged into there, but nothing you didn’t already know I guess. Sorry! x

        Ps. Was most certaiy meant for you lovely, I meant me and my On the way ramblings, but maybe that’s what you meant by 😛 I’m not really with it today, as you might have guessed x


      2. Then I should make my apologies for my ramblings now! Would be interested in your thoughts though as it’s been anonymous since I tarted, just a place to write…anyhow, have a great week, love x


      3. Unfortunately, job finished, still doing volunteer bits here and there alongside the masters, which is a whole lot more difficult that I thought it would be 😛 still planning retreat type thing after exams now in May but no time to even think about that yet, may just be grabbing my tent and heading to the coast, which would do nicely too. Hope all’s well with you? x


  2. It seems to me highly irrelevant whether religion or religious people are popular. And though I have no affection for the mass media, I don’t think we should blame them for all the bad news. They reflect what people want to hear, most of the time. They have become vehicles for the sales of consumer goods. All the same, for us it is encouraging to see humanity and kindness shown here and there. Thank you for being one of those who looks for the good in this world.


    1. Yes indeed, and if religion does become popular, watch out … but I am not sure the media do reflect what people want to hear. I think they plug into people’s fears, to ensure good sales. I know people who no longer watch the news, they find it too depressing. I appreciate your kind comment.


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