We see so little, stayed on surfaces,

We calculate the outsides of all things,

Preoccupied with our own purposes

We miss the shimmer of the angels’ wings.

They coruscate around us in their joy,

A swirl of wheels and eyes and wings unfurled;

They guard the good we purpose to destroy,

A hidden blaze of glory in God’s world.

But on this day a young girl stopped to see

With open eyes and heart. She heard the voice-

The promise of His glory yet to be

As time stood still for her to make a choice.

Gabriel knelt and not a feather stirred.

The Word himself was waiting on her word.

(‘The Annunciation’, a sonnet by Malcolm Guite
Painting by Henry Ossawa Tanner 1898)

I’m off in the morning, folks, to Daughter 2 and her two little ones, and we’ll be there until after Christmas.  We come beetling home on the 27th, ready for Eldest Daughter and Famille to arrive 28th.  So I guess I won’t have a lot of time for blogging…

In which case, I would like to wish you and yours a VERY


13 thoughts on “STAYED ON SURFACES

  1. May you and your beautiful family have a peaceful and Holy Christmas. And I pray hard that this coming year will see you healing, happiness in your heart and satisfying work with the children each day. I think of you, Gilly, and what comes to mind when I do is the resolve in all you do, and a forever deep love for Christ. JW XXX


    1. Thank you, Charlotte. I’ve just returned from 8 days with our surgeon daughter, to cover two periods of 24 hours when she was on call – including from Christmas Eve to Christmas morning! So it’s been very very busy with our two little and VERY lively grandchildren. Hard work but so good to have quality time with them! Do hope you enjoyed Christmas and my warmest wishes for a peaceful and healthier new year.


    1. Thanks, Jane. I’ve been away for 8 days and got family coming tomorrow too, so have no time to myself for a while. I’ll see what I can do in January! Hope you enjoyed a peaceful Christmas. Hugs!


    1. This is one of my favourite annunciation pictures … more how I suspect it was at the time 🙄 … and I’ve recently discovered Guite’s sonnets – they are lovely!


      1. Just read the bit at the end….distracted by the post….ahhhh, have a wonderful, happy Christmas….all the VERY best to you and yours.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. And a very very Happy Christmas to you and yours 🙂

    Hope you all have much love, peace, joy, and good things to eat and drink! 🙂

    Take care, safe journey and look forward to seeing you when you get back home!

    Big Christmassy Hugs xxxxxx


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