LAMENT FOR THE INNOCENTS: boys’ choir walk out

For all the children who die needlessly, wherever they may be.


16 thoughts on “LAMENT FOR THE INNOCENTS: boys’ choir walk out

    1. I don’t know – I suspect it may be one that is more supported in Germany as that is where the choir hales from … but the message is the same, whatever the children’s charity we support.


  1. Brought tears to my eyes, and I’m a member of a male voice choir, at that. One thought to brighten the day, however. We were singing in the Arndale Centre, Manchester, o two days last week, just groups of about 20 each time, and collecting for one of our nominated charities, The Christie Cancer Hospital in Manchester, itself. We managed to raise over £1600, but the surprising point was the number of ‘children, young people’ who contributed, stopped and listened to our Carols and songs.As I used to say in my youth (Ted’s, Mods & Rockers), it’s only the small few who make the headlines. Nothing is ever said about the ‘good’ones. Thank you , Young People of Manchester.


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m glad that youngsters seem to have started caring about the needy in society again. For a while they seemed to think only about themselves – but it’s so good to have them on board, with their passion and energy.


    1. The choir is raising money for the International Children’s Fund. A child dies every 3 seconds in the world – the reason they walk off, one by one, is to illustrate how often children are dying. Every time one of them walks off, he illustrates that a child somewhere has just died. The International Children’s Fund helps to prevent needless child deaths.

      And I thought it was a special way of lamenting and grieving for the children who have been shot in America, too, and how they have gone from their families.


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