… results in pointless, needless tragedy.



16 thoughts on “THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS…

  1. I really hope that change comes from this horrific event. I can’t even stand to watch it on the news at the moment, it’s as though the media is bigging it up without any thought for the families who have lost tiny children, the most awful unimaginable horror any parent can face.
    I remember when it happened in Scotland, that week watching funeral after funeral was horrendous…..and, here we go again. xxxxx


    1. I know what you mean, it’s such an invasion of people’s grief and somehow it’s easy to make it seem devalued that way, when as you say it is the worst thing any parent ever could face. Awful, awful, awful.


    1. It is – sort of watching a train crash the other side of the pond in slow motion, with us all yelling ‘ban guns!’ and it being like a silent movie, with no sound, and nobody hearing.


  2. That’s an appalling statistic. You know the quote: “The right to bear arms is almost as stupid as the right to arm bears”.
    In many respects, the United States still hasn’t moved on from its early colonial past. I have news for the yanks – the old imperialist Britain is now the 51st state of America and the injun’s are safely dying of despair on your reservations. No need to carry around a lethal weapon and pretend it’s a vital constitutional right.


    1. We were saying this morning that the white culture in America was birthed in violence and, as you say, don’t seem to be able to move on. For the richest and (possibly) most powerful nation on earth there is an extraordinary level of paranoia.


      1. I have tried having that discussion with some, (just a few) Americans; the myopia is incredible, the sense of righteousness about protecting themselves from the anarchy of the state, enshrined in the right to bear arms, has no doubt been drummed in from early days. It is insurmountable with words. One person cannot re-educate a whole nation. There has to be a national will, and a will within those disparate states and their cultures to educate, to create change.

        The gun lobby is powerful; it has caches of unnecessarily powerful arms at its disposal, and so do individuals if they want access to them.


      2. Yes, we’ve had very similar conversations with American friends , and were discussing it this morning – Obama clearly would like to do something, but is unlikely to get the backing. So history is doomed to repeat itself. We never learn, it seems, especially where power and violence are concerned.


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