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29 thoughts on “TIDINGS TOO LATE

  1. oh dear… 😦 :)) Have just posted and said about how nice to take a picture and send it to somebody and get a response all in a few minutes…. 😳

    🙂 Those shepherds just look so…. INSOLENT!! slouching about…huh!


    1. And they look BORED and I don’t like them, and now I’m annoyed because I WANT to like the shepherds. Think I’ll go and find some more, nicer ones with NO PHONES |-|


  2. Clever I.T people those Eastern Mediterraneans. 😉

    Do you think those anarchic shepherds taught The POpe his first tip-tap twittering? He did look very publicly bewildered by state-of-the-art flash communication system.


  3. Well,the move from oral to written especially the invention of printing did bring about revolutions of all kinds,so no doubt this will as well…but quite what I don’t feel qualified to say.But being on Twitter seems demeaning.


      1. Well I would think you would have to be continuously typing and tweeting and messaging and goodness-knows-whatting all the time, in order to keep up …


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