Hub has been beavering away at tracking down some of his ancestors, and has discovered this story about a first cousin called Albert Kitchener ‘Styx’ or Sticks Stapleton (nobody seems to know whether his nickname was because he was a drummer, or because he perhaps had thin legs …)

He was in the Scots Guards and then in the Buckinghamshire Constabulary, and family stories have it that he used to do duty at Windsor Castle, and take the present queen for rides on his bicycle when she was a child.  A fun story if true!

A newspaper report of the time said that ‘he was awarded the King’s Police Medal for gallantry. He attempted to arrest a burglar who threatened to shoot him with a revolver. The burglar had stolen £90 worth of property from houses in the district and attempted to escape. Sergt. Stapleton chased him for two miles across fields and eventually captured him by hitting him over the head with a fishmonger’s steel, which he seized from a cart, having lost his truncheon in tthe pursuit.’

!!!!! obviously a man of enterprising spirit.

(image from http://cyclestyle.com.au/6134/queen-rides-bike/  )

(PS Can’t help thinking …  what’s the betting that today, a judge would congratulate the thief for being brave … and the policeman would get a fine instead of a medal,  for misuse of a weapon … where did it all start getting so stupid??????????)



  1. It’s very interesting tracing the ancestors and surprising what you find out . . . . .I wonder what future generations will think of us :)) . . . . .he certainly took his job seriously and I bet they didn’t let the thief off with a slapped wrist :no:


  2. Well fancy having such a bold and illustrious relative! with Royal interactions and acts of derring do! Marvellous! 🙂 I look forward to who else Hub uncovers – it’s all fascinating stuff… keep thinking I will look into my family tree and see what lurks….|-| but everybody I know who has been looking into their ancestry has fascinating tales to tell!


    1. I was watching the ‘who do you think you are’ on John Bishop last night, who was stunned to discover that his gt-gt-grandfather had had a very fine ‘basso profundo’ voice, had started off as a lay vicar in Chichester cathedral and then York minster, but then joined a troupe of minstrels and toured all over the place … including some of the venues that John himself had gigged in!! So strange the way history seems to repeat itself 8|


    1. He certainly is :yes: he’s taken out a month’s subscription to something or other to help you trace your ancestors … so is doing hours and hours of research every day while the sub is still active!!


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