Now what’s she up to? She’s announced that she knows she looks WONDERFUL in black and white stripes. And when I comment bluntly that she looks like a zebra, she pouts and sails out of the room, swinging her (ample) hips from side to side like those catwalk models.
She really does look ridiculous

Anyway, in despair at her lack of taste, I contact M. le Dior, and scream down the phone at him that he needs to do something with her SOON if not sooner, or she will totally WRECK the collection and we only have ONE DAY to get it all finalised …

And when he says ‘well tell her’ I say BUT SHE WON’T LISTEN TO ME!!!  and bawl and throw myself on the ground and sob tragically.

See?  Look what she’s reduced me to!

So anyway, I calm down and mop myself up and go and call her in mellifluous tones and tell her that M. le Directeur wants to have a word … and she comes screeching into the room and grabs the phone off me because if there’s one person she really wants to get noticed by, it’s MLD

And then I hear her saying ‘leopard print, black and white’ and I seize the phone off her and howl that this will be OVER MY DEAD BODY and if he dares to say ‘Oui’ to her then he will have my resignation on his desk tomorrow.  Or even today.  Or in the next 10 minutes.

Turns out what he said was ‘Absolutely no animal prints of any description, especially not black and white ones’ … only she wasn’t listening.

She snatches the phone off me and starts to yell –  but MLD starts talking about ‘aesthetics’ and the ‘tone’ of the collection and that he’s
sure her idea is ‘fantastique’ but he wants to put it on hold.  What a diplomat

So no leopard prints. And the Collection is Saved. And I am still employed. And Marie – she’s been put firmly in her place. It’s win win!

(… which being interpreted is, that I saw my thumb surgeon yesterday, who was worried about the black lines in the thumb nail, but thinks it might just be ridging, and so does his skin MDT. But he wants to see me again in 3 months, and if there’s any change at all, especially if there are black splodges as well as lines, I must Act Immediately )



  1. I am so happy for you ,yet I was also wondering if it is a teaching hospital.. I’d be inclined to see someone in a bigger hospital for a second opinion as they don’t seem as sure as I’d like,,………..but you can go back if you feel worried… so that is excellent.. and leaves you free to think of Xmas now…I’ve been waiting for the news..
    I’m just going off my husband’s experiences..


    1. Thank you very much, Kathryn. In fact my surgeon daughter got involved, and told me which documents to ask for. You can always ask to have copies of the consultant’s letters to your GP. We used to get them automatically in Birmingham, but here we have to ask. So when I got them I was able to read them out to her over the phone, and she was much happier and thinks that it’s fine. He did seem much more confident once he’d had the discussion with his skin team.

      I do hope that you and your husband are both improving and that you don’t get any more major problems with your health. My very best wishes to you both.


  2. ‘ Suggestion ‘ Get your better half to take macro images of your thumb nail and compare digital prints say weekly …… any unwanted changes will be spotted early. Hope all is well David.


  3. Pheew sounds like a good stay of execution in spite of her fashion statement….. and a good thing she is being so dramatic – shows there’s life in the gal yet!

    Was a good read and you must be feeling relieved, and you’ll just have to keep a beady eye on Madame – don’t let her out of your sight or she’ll be cavorting about and looking for leopard print or something…!

    To be honest, I think you should threaten to stop her pocket money if she doesn’t behave….|-|


  4. Ridging is an odd phenomenon. I have had it on one particular nail for what feels like time immemorial. It was quite vivid for a while. I am not sure what I would do with a designer piece version of it. I’d probably demur and defer.

    What’s your view on this consultation?

    Apart from the dermatological bit, What is MDT?


    1. Multidisciplinary team – they get together to discuss cases and plan patient treatment. The surgeon was clearly much happier to leave the thumb after this discussion, and as he was happy about it, so was I.


      1. Ah so that’s what the abbreviation referred to. I have experience of multidisciplinary teams, we never thought of ourselves as MDT’s, that is, until a meeting was called to pore over issues arising; even then, we somehow managed to sidestep using the abbreviation.

        Perhaps none of us wanted to feel we were abbreviated. (Ouch!)


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