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22 thoughts on “THE DIFFERENCE …

      1. Having worked underground for many years, gillyk, I found that the best machinery was usually the simplest, and the man who can tell what goes on in the Ladies’ heads has still not been born. I always tell people that , whatever I am doing, I am the Boss in our house, and I have my wife’s permission to say so!
        Laughter aside, I have always appreciated the so called ‘weaker’ sex (that’s the biggest phallacy ever) and generally find myself more comfortable in their presence than with groups of my own sex. And that’s coming from a member of a 60 strong Male Voice Choir.
        Perhaps, however, you could enlighten me as to why it seems to be the Ladies who seem to be more against Women Vicars etc. than the Men?


      2. I like your relaxed attitude!

        As for women versus women ministers … I don’t fully understand it myself. I guess many of them are very conservative, both theologically and spiritually, and are not comfortable with female leadership – either because they believe Christian teaching is against it, or because they just don’t like to see a woman in vestments at the front – or both!

        I don’t want to vilify them though, Eric: I have very good friends (male) who are deeply distressed about this whole subject, and hold very genuinely to the traditional view for reasons I can and do respect. There needs to be room made for all of us.


      3. Don’t get me wrong, gillyk, I don’t vilify them. In fact I adore them. It’s an old saying regarding women, but nevertheless true ‘If the Lord ever made anything better, he was selfish and kept it to hmself!’
        As you say, there needs to be room for all of us. Unfortunately, though we were made in God’s image, the negative has become rather crumpled, and we are non of us perfect. One of our major faults is that we all have our own views, and anyone not contributing to those views we tend to dismiss as wrong, bigots, people who don’t understand. And I include myself in this number.


      4. Apologies, Eric, I didn’t mean to suggest that you did. I was expressing my own sadness at our inability as a church to make room for each other. It’s hard to do, because we all have a ‘bottom line’, but there has to be a way of respectfully disagreeing.


      5. No sweat. As I have been wont to say on many occasions, I completely disagree with your comments/ideas, but I will support you to the hilt in being allowed to express them.


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