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30 thoughts on “OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM

  1. It may worth considering the long-established IBL as it required a range of subjects to be covered including some arts subjects, certainly at the equivalent of CGE level. There is no doubt that the educational attainment goalposts are changing as part of the financial cuts. My concern would be, how the BL would be ‘adapted’ for use in England and Wales.

    You will be aware of the other discussions surrounding entry to higher education qualifications, which are also relevant.


    1. I am worried about the firsthand reports I’m getting that children are so heavily ‘coached’ through GCSE at present, in order to avoid government-led loss of teachers and departments, that some kids then have a false idea of their own abilities and think they can do A-levels, when they aren’t up to it, and have to find that out the hard way. This is where vocational training needs to come into its own, and where the government needs to have a much more holistic approach.


      1. Vocational training comes into its own sooner than GCSE, PROVIDING the core subjects continue to be taught. I have two siblings who both failed 11+. They benefitted at the age of 13 with the 13+. I do not necessarily advocate the return of those particular examinations. One sibling went to an art college,the other went to a technical college. They both worked through all the main subjects, developing their academic and practical skills. The artist went on to obtain a fine arts degree in the same system, the technical one, went off to a university art college, obtaining a fine arts degree. They both put different knowledge and experiences into what they did. They both needed technical skills, some different and some the same.

        A friend went off to another vocational school at age 13 learned all the skills of dressmaking and taking all the mainstream school subjects. Sweat shop working, apart from not using all the fine skills she had gained, proved to be an grim way to live. However, my friend did have portable skills. She ended up as a very numerate individual, in banking.

        The 13+ seems to have been an interesting asset to the educational system. It gave the children who did not develop so early, to recover from the 11+. The schools they could move onto, gave them the additional opportunities of academic education with practical development. It would be too expensive today to re-establish a system that could be so effective and flexible. There can only be a limited attempt at such provision in secondary education today, even with the link schemes between tertiary and secondary schools.


      2. Good and poor examples of the education system working or not working. I wish I could feel confident that the present government takes vocational training as seriously as the more academic.


  2. Pauline knows how to get out of scrapes !

    I am puzzled by Educationalists………………. A rounded education is ideal but being really good, or even outstanding, at one thing is better than being average at many.

    The Diploma [ Baccalaureate ] ]idea of needing to pass a range of subjects in order to qualify means the potentially famous artist for example might never get into art school. Rigid rules are undesirable. Somebody outstanding only at woodwork might be prevented from studying wood carving. David.


    1. Oh, she’s much too good to waste as PM 😉 she’d get us all working together and that would make the whole government structure redundant!! And then how would people know that they were important??? 😉


  3. So the bird used his claws and wings for support…

    The Monkey climbed the tree

    The Penguine flapped about.

    The Dog had a few feeble attempts

    The The Seal smiled and waited.

    The Elephant roared….used his trunk to brink down the tree and everyone climbed it bar the fish.

    The elephant filled his trunk with the water from the fish’s bowl and put the fish on the tree….and the fish ‘flipped’ his way to the top of the tree.

    The Elephant just STAMPED his way along the the trunk to the top.

    The moral to this story is….

    When you are a fish out of water you use brains and brawn to achieve your goal.

    P xx


      1. :)) well, I don’t think ALL the animals in the world were in the ark … the flood appears to have been mainly in the middle east and so I guess it would have been mainly middle eastern animals! Dunno much about them :no: although I do feel sorry for Noah and his wife – what a stink that ark would have been with all those animals cooped up :no: 😉


      2. P’raps they did … dunno much about middle eastern doves but they do figure in the Bible from time to time so guess they must be around! Come to think of it, Shimon posted a picture of one recently … so that’s all right then 😉


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