To read/listen to/watch our mellifluous media, you would think the Church of England never does anything apart from squabble over women in the ministry etc.

It gets me down, because ‘they’ (the media) go on and on and on … and ignore ALL the other (positive) things that are going on in the church … and then complain that ‘all we ever talk about is …(women or gays, take your pick)’ – when it is they who are doing the talking!

In the interests of redressing the balance, the General Synod ALSO discussed the living wage.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu together with Julia Unwin CBE Chief Executive of Joseph Rowntree Foundation /Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust earlier this month launched the UK Living Wage in York. The wage is calculated by the Centre of Research in Social Policy for the UK outside of London as £7.45. (Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, announced the new rate for London as £8.55).

The Living Wage rate is designed so that recipients have a basic quality of life for themselves and their families.

The Archbishop said: “I recently sponsored a Fairness Commission in York and one of the Commission’s key recommendations was to call for a Living Wage to be introduced across the city. Introducing a Living Wage recognises that people should be paid a fair wage for a fair day’s work. We need to value each and every person, rather than cutting adrift those unfortunate enough to find themselves at the bottom.

“Paying a decent wage for our workers is a sign that as a nation – publicly, privately, corporately and individually – we recognise the unique contribution of others to the common good.”

JRF and JRHT is committed to paying a living wage to staff working in its care homes. It is the first care provider to make this pledge. Nearly 100 companies are accredited payers of the Living Wage to their employees and contract staff.’

(full details here: )

… and the General Synod pledged to follow this up for all church employees.

I should think so too!

And if my clerical sisters will forgive me, personally I consider this to be far more important than whether women can wear mitres.



17 thoughts on “LIVING WAGE

    1. I read a fantastic quote yesterday by someone who said that you could not trust anything to be true in the media except the date and name of the paper. And he said that he always went to his calendar to check the date … :))


    1. ‘Bad’ is news and sells papers, the media’s reson-d’etre. ‘Good’ isn’t what sells, unfortunately. I happen to know a lot of young people who enjoy ‘doing good’, but it’s not the ones who appear in the papers. It’s only ‘young thugs beat up OAP’ that makes the news.
      Whenever I pick up a newspaper I am reminded of an old colleague of mine who’s words were ‘Whenever I pick up a paper, I look at the two things I know to be true-the Title and the date. I then check my calendar to make sure they’ve got the date right.’


  1. I would think myself very lucky indeed to get that rate of pay!!! At the kitchen job the old witch tried to employ me for less than the minimum wage…. one of the Sisters adjusted it so I get a bit more than the minimum wage… the minimum wage is £6.08 I think…. but she told me I’d get £6 an hour… huh.


    1. Yes, it’s wrong. I don’t know how it’s possible to afford it, but certainly the churches should be taking the lead on this :yes: There’s the minimum wage and then there’s the living wage.


  2. Excellent subject…..IF ONLY Private Enterprise can be prevailed upon to apply this level of ‘Living Wage’ – I’m thinking of the ‘use’ made of ‘cheap labour’ from beyond our borders masquerading as ‘Casual Labour’….:roll:
    Love the cartoon! 😉


    1. The annoying thing is, that the church is trying to help with the troubles of the world all the time. But the media isn’t interested unless they think there’s some kind of scandal. Apparently the church has more volunteers than any other organisation! That should tell them something!


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