… today I’d get together with the members of the House of Laity who disagreed with yesterday’s vote, and listen to them. Then I’d ask them to suggest some constructive ways forward. (This is a take on Janet’s idea of ‘negative space’!)

No wonder they didn’t make me archbishop … 😉 :))



    1. Yes, absolutely! However, I still think a consensus is the best way forward, which I don’t see as trying to please everyone, but in getting everyone together to try and solve the problem as a community.


  1. Why all the fuss about making women bishops? It’s LESS bishops we need, not more. Get rid of half the ones we’ve got, sell the ‘Palaces’ and pay the Vicar a living wage. Then we may attract more so that the parishes could all have just one priest. Leave the issue of women bishops alone, then we stand more chance of getting one through simple choice.


  2. 😉 and not taking the wee wee….

    I know the Bible backwards…well sort of….

    Would I be a candidate?

    Like some whom could be elected (men and women) backwards is their thoughts.

    P xx


  3. At a daily functional level, always seeking compromises can leave you feeling deflated, at times, it can make you feel that your stances or feelings are worthless. The way to go, is not always the best road trod. On the other hand, there are occasions when it is right to seek consensus. Whether you get it or not, or, you get a compromise on a compromise, is in the lap of fates. It is all very circular.


    1. Yes, I do agree with your first statement. And it certainly feels circular, at times. But that’s the process of reconciliation. At some point there will be a breakthrough, if there is sufficient willingness on all sides. If!


      1. If there is sufficient willingness on all sides. Add honesty to the process and delete inflexibility. Even-handedness is the name of the game. Hard to achieve.


  4. I think in other countries USA,Australia,etc women have been ordained as bishops. It will come about in the UK also. It is just a matter of time.It is not clear why the House of the Laity have not given their consent to this change which is the need of the hour.


    1. It is clear, Frank – the minority in the house of laity do not agree with women bishops, although the majority have already accepted it. This means that the church as a whole must make provision for those who don’t agree, so that they can continue in the church. They did not feel that the provision was adequate. So it is a question of looking at it all again, and coming up with something more supportive.


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