So after 2 months of the most TEDIOUS low-fat eating, avoiding cream and butter when going to lunch with people, dishing out clotted cream for visitors to eat while sticking glumly to my fatless sorbet, etc etc 😦 I duly trotted off to the GP today to be told the results of my cholesterol test.

Which were, that the level of my cholesterol has not altered. Not a jot or a smidgeon.

But I had gone Prepared :yes:. I flourished a sheaf of previous cholesterol results going back to 2001, all of which say pretty much the same thing.

‘ah’, he said. ‘Not a surprise to you then.’

Ahem. No.

He asked me what I wanted to do. What is it with doctors these days? Does anybody else have this experience, of the doctor asking you how to treat you??? How should I know??!! Ever so politely – YOU’RE THE DOCTOR, THAT’S WHY I’M HERE …:??:

Anyway, seeing as how he’d asked me, I answered. ‘Do nothing’, is what I said. He tells me that I don’t have any other clinical indications which suggest that the cholesterol is something to worry about. So that’s that – isn’t it?

Except it isn’t. If I just take this statin …

… ahem. Again. Now look here. I have strong views on this. I don’t want anything that gives me joint pain. That’s bad enough when fibromyalgia raises its ugly head.

Well, if I only take half, says he, then it turns off the bit of my liver which is busy on overtime, churning out too much cholesterol.

Reluctantly I agree. But at THE FIRST SIGN |-| of any aches, I’m afraid I will desist. :lalala:

I went out into the rain, took myself to a favourite cafe, ordered myself a cup of redbush tea, a large home-made orange and cranberry scone, and ate it WITH BUTTER. :>>



  1. Hmmmm…..I remember years ago when I was a child, those days when it was said we ate ‘healthily’ Can’t say cream was much on the diet list, infact, can’t recall eating it till about 1965 in a Lyons Corner House in London and that was having a cream tea.

    Now butter on the other hand was always used till the arrival of Stork Margerine when for some reason my Mother started using it.

    Fat from the meat and bacon was stored in an old bowl in the larder for use when frying, roasting and (still love it)…dripping on bread. Lard or butter was used for baking. I only use butter these days as marg has so many ‘additives’

    BTW…We used to make our own cheese (and I still do) by using sour milk and ‘decanting’ into an old stocking and hanging out the back door to remove the whey.

    P xx


  2. I was put on the vitamin Lecitin. and it helped keep my chorstel down. And when jodi’s climbed high she tried it and it worked for her. you might try it.

    Lecithin is an important phospholipid needed by all living cells.Lecithin is produced within our own bodies, and can be found in the major organs:the heart, the liver, and the kidneys.Lecithin aids in maintaining our overall health and is utilized by every cell in our bodies.Though it is produced within our own bodies, we do not always consume enough of the foods that provide the nutrition needed to produce adequate amounts.Lecithin can be found in many foods such as: cabbage, cauliflower, garbanzo beans, soy beans, split peas, organic meat, seeds, nuts and eggs.Today’s average diet, however, does not provide enough lecithin to successfully protect or cells and allow lecithin to reap its benefits.As a result, lecithin supplementation is necessary for overall health and prevention of many conditions and diseases.Of its many benefits, lecithin has been proven to decrease cholesterol, promote cardiovascular health, restore damaged livers and improve the brain’s memory function.


  3. Awe Gilly, sorry you had to exercise all that will power and didn’t get your just desserts, lol. I don’t blame you for going out and having something delicious after your appointment. I love my food. I hate being told I can’t eat what I want.


  4. Oh what joy….cream cakes are back on the menu!!!! I wondered how that was going, how FRUSTRATING!!!! I would have walloped him one with a sticky bun!!!

    At least you’re back to square one….AND can get stuck in over Christmas!!!

    Doctors! When I smoked they blamed EVERYTHING on the cigs….sore ankle…smokers ankle, earache….smoking induced….the list was endless. lol xxxxx


    1. :)) ha ha ha – that gives me such a great mental picture!!

      It says I changed your comment, PP, but I haven’t … I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a ‘reply to comment’ underneath, and then I discovered it way down the page, so I deleted the empty space!!!


  5. Keep your ‘eye’ on ypur cholesterol…….Many people take ‘statins’….I also take a low dose – 10mg actually…..Seems to keep mine steady…but I want another ‘test’ soon..Love to keep ‘my eye’ on the situation…;)


      1. I cannot say that Statins have had such adverse effects on me….Statins are the preferred medicatioation for controlling cholesterol….so it seems….;)xx


      2. My ‘turn’? Still in the process…Making excellent progress…Next Consultant appointment 14th Dec…Have had all sorts of scans etc…Lungs…Kidneys…Heart….:roll: No complaints about the NHS.. :lalala: ;)xx


  6. I think we all have our individual body chemistry. What is high blood pressure or cholesterol for one person is normal for another. I would go back to eating normally, and not worry about it. Oh the thought of clotted cream is just heavenly:)x


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