As I’m not sure whether Madame La Thumb will have to go under the knife again (my appointment with the surgeon was postponed for 10 days, which will be next week now) I decided I needed to get ahead with buying the Christmas presents.

Our family decided some years ago that each Christmas we would do ‘Secret Santa’. All the names are put in a hat and we pull out one – then we just buy for that person, and a budget is set which suits all pockets. It works really well for us and then we have money to give to Christian Aid or Oxfam too, and the grandchildren are involved in projects like Samaritan’s Purse which is good for them, to think of other children who will have nothing this Christmas..

When it comes to the grandchildren, we are allowed to buy them a present each! After much discussion with the daughters, Hub and I set off today with my trusty little list to see what we could find. We decided to start at ToysRus, which we both hate, because there is just FAR TOO MUCH choice – and despite that – we can never find what we want and I end up going home and doing loads of internet research anyway!

Well, waddyaknow. I started looking in one section and Hub in another, then we got together and compared notes and prices and gifts, and found we were really doing well. Eventually we emerged with almost all the gifts for the kids, and feeling rather pleased with ourselves.

I even managed to track down the Hello Kitty dress that Eldest Granddaughter is begging for, by dint of diving into Asda – I found them all on a moveable rail – they hadn’t even been put on the shelves yet!

Lots of lovely crossings-off on my little list Now I need to tackle Hub, who NEVER knows what he wants for Christmas or birthday … and this year, neither do I  


39 thoughts on “ON A ROLL

  1. As I said before Gilly, I am sure there is nothing to worry about with the thumb, remember me telling you about my sister?

    As for Xmas shopping….ALL DONE!!!

    Even the St.Nicholas presents.

    Perry’s birthday is 6th January and I always have probs with that. Not this year, decided to be quirky…. got him a UO-BE SLING DISC..


    It is a kid’s toy really but he needs to lose weight and it will appeal to his childish ways….also got him 3 x Secret Agent Pens…. lol….


    P xxx


    1. I hope you’re right, Pauline. Trouble is, lots of people told me it was ‘nothing’ from the beginning … :no:

      Never mind, I feel very lucky to have the excellent NHS on my case :yes:


      1. Becci has had a bad toe nail for ages….told it is a fungal infection and she has been treating it for about 18 months….had to stop while pregnant.

        Still trying to get her legs sorted…got to try and find the pics I took as she wants to use for ’embarassing bodies’ as they say her veins can’t be done on NHS.

        P xx


  2. “We decided to start at ToysRus, which we both hate, because there is just FAR TOO MUCH choice -”

    Lol, Your ‘non American-ness’ is showing, Gilly. That is a stereotypical British feeling about lots of American stores. 😉


    1. Showing my ignorance here, MD – didn’t realise it’s American!! Anyway, I feel less prejudiced than I did, as I managed to do so well there!

      Hope things are looking up for you and your family. Hugs and prayers!


  3. I’ve been trying for the last two years to get my family to do a secret Santa for the aults as it is getting far too expensive for them to buy so many presents in our ever growing family. But one daughter who loves buying things for others always buys gifts so then everyone else feels they must. I have done quite a few off my list already :yes:


  4. Hmm- I think I am ahead of the game. The main charities are sorted. Parcels for across the Atlantic went in October, not without a duplicitous performance by the manager at the post office. My package for Italy will go by air mail in a week or so, as surface mail worked out more expensive. :**: Other UK parcels are ready to send as well. In the midst of this, there is a new home pressy to think about. I believe I have all other gifts for giving. All that remains is wrapping. Then, I will probably find there is something adrift.

    My letter is in draft and cards have to be thought about.

    How do you feel the thumb is?


    1. You are superbly organised!

      I don’t know about the thumb. There are darker areas on the nail – the question is, are these nail ridgings, or is the melanoma popping up again underneath? Surgeon daughter has got very fed up with the uncertainty, and the month and a half wait, and has announced that it is being Badly Managed, and has written to the surgeon in question, asking politely for more details.


      1. It sounds like superb organisation doesn’t it, however, it does not feel like it. I really do have to get some daylight dawning where the bags sit waiting for attention.

        Your daughter is in the right position to move things on. It does all sound rather laid back. The uncertainty must be difficult for you.


      2. It’s at the back of my mind, but it probably means I focus better on the tasks in hand!

        You could always try moving the bags around a bit, so that there is more daylight between them 😉 This has the impact of giving conviction that Something is Being Done, with the dubious benefit of not actually tangling with it …

        perhaps I’m giving away one or two mental secrets 🙄


      3. My daughter says it might just be the skin graft didnt take like it should they told her that sometimes happens and they just do a second skin graft. thatHopefully it is no more than that xxx


      4. Thanks, Free. It’s not the graft, which has taken and healed well – it’s what’s happening underneath the nail that is causing concern. I’ve been to the GP today and he’s given me copies of all the letters he’s had from the surgeon, as I want to discuss it with my surgeon daughter. I appreciate your good wishes!


    1. Certainly taken a big bite out of it … do you share Christmas shopping too?? I must admit it’s one of the benefits of retirement … normally it was yours truly doing it all!! 😉


  5. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!
    I HATE Christmas shopping, so always put it off until as late as possible which makes it all the more stressful. I love the way you don’t go to excess and think of others, if only more did that. And….yes….sigh….what on earth to buy the chaps???????arggggghhhhh….

    I also hate the overpriced, over packaged rubbish on the shelves at this time of the year.
    I’m a real humbug….I moan and moan about everything at Christmas….for instance, why does a duck have to be shoved in a chicken which is then shoved in a goose, a little excesses methinks…..oooops….I’m off again! xxxxx


  6. Congratulations, you both deserve a nice cup of tea and a piece of delicious cake. Are you still being very careful? In that case its just a cup of tea and feet up on the sofa.
    Have organised one present and some charitable giving.


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