Israel and Palestine

The hostility between Israel and Palestine is incredibly divisive and costly.  It seems impossible to make a fair judgement, and the latest troubles simply stir the pot again.

One of the mission partners of Falkirk Presbytery based in Israel has posted this. She copied it from a friend and it is worth sharing:

“I would like to appeal to all my friends on FB not to post comments, articles or propaganda cartoons blaming the “other side” regarding this terrible Gaza/Israel conflict. The heart of man is full of pride, arrogance, anger and desire for revenge. Violence breeds violence. From this war another traumatised generation filled with hatred and prejudice will emerge. In God’s eyes, a Palestinian child is no less precious than an Israeli child, and vice versa. Instead let us pray that God will restrain the hand of those who have the power to escalate the violence, and protection for all those who are caught in-between.”

As for me, I also pray that the Lord will bless and enable the efforts of peacemakers on both sides.   Lord have mercy.


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