MORE ON FLAT LIVING: of scaffolding and things

We’ve had an ongoing discussion with our upstairs neighbours and Mr No-Money about outstanding jobs on our block. We’ve been offered free insulation, and as our flat loses heat very quickly we want to get this done.

We discovered we could have the insulation, but would have to pay for the scaffolding so that it can be put into the whole building (it’s only a small block of 3 flats). So we decided with Them Upstairs (who are lovely) that if we all had to pay for scaffolding anyway, then we would have the outside painted at the same time, so we would only pay for one lot of scaffolding.

We went ahead and got loads of quotes for scaffolding and painting. However, by the time they were all in, it was too late in the year to do the painting. So we agreed to leave it over until the spring.

Then yesterday, Hub got a call from an insulation company offering not only free insulation, but insisting that they could provide scaffolding for a mere £150 (as opposed to about £2,000!) He questioned them quite carefully on this, not really able to believe it: but the girl on the phone insisted it was the case, so we went ahead and made an appointment for their insulation man to come and see us today.

He arrived, and said, oh no, that offer on scaffolding was discontinued 2 weeks ago

We were not pleased   We explained that we had only gone ahead and made the appointment, on the grounds that his company was going to provide cut-price scaffolding. We pointed out to him that his company office did not seem to know what the current situation was, and therefore they had organised him a wasted journey.


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27 thoughts on “MORE ON FLAT LIVING: of scaffolding and things

  1. Hope you get it sorted out it is so infuriating when one person tells you one thing and then the other doesn’t know about it 🙄
    I have lovely thick loft insulation here and it does make so much difference.


  2. Who is doing it free?If the scaffolding is so expensive it could be cheaper for you to pay for just your own flat to be insulated privately.We are without the central heating and my husband says he can’t put up with anyone coming until the spring.So I hope it’s a mild winter.. it is so far!


    1. The government has been offering free insulation until December this year. However, if you meet certain criteria – such as being over 70, which our upstairs neighbours are – then you will still be able to get it free next year as well.

      They will not consider just doing one flat. It has to be the whole block.

      They drill the building on the outside, with regular holes, and pump in the insulation from the outside. We had it done on our vicarage. It made a huge difference. You also need to check that you’ve got the regulation thickness of insulation in your loft. It really does help to keep the place warm for longer.


      1. It’s very easy and it doesn’t take long – a morning or an afternoon, maybe. It doesn’t make a mess. You don’t have to do anything once you’ve made the request, except to know when they are coming. It would be worth it for a warmer home, helpful when you or your husband are not feeling well.


      2. Thank you very much,Gilly.He had some real food this week as you may have read but he seems averse to having anything happen… but i’ll investigate it.Especially given the central heating is only working for the bathroom.I’ll have to sit in there!


      3. If you know of a reliable plumber then get him to come and look at the radiators – it might be something as minor as needing to bleed them. You do need to be warm. If your husband hates the thought of people tramping around the house (I can sympathise) then perhaps you could take him out for a little while until they’ve finished? I remember the only way I got my mother to agree to having a new carpet was by taking her out for the morning. When we got home after lunch it was all done and dusted, with the furniture back in place. She was so relieved and it looked so much better and more cared-for.


      4. Thanks!It’s the pump which is under the floor.. and the furniture etc is the problem.We have a gas fire and plenty of electric heaters… he seems to feel rather weak at the moment despite eating the Lancashire Hotpot.So he begged me to wait till spring.If he had not had the nasty accident we would have done it Aug/Sept.
        I think he’s afraid as I had a couple of bad attacks of angina last week… he’s afraid of being left alone in this world.So I don’t think I’ll press him but thank you very much for giving me the ideas.I shall covertly get rid of some of the books in the shelves plus a load of maps which we shan’t use again OS maps!!


      5. I don’t blame him at all. It’s always a difficult balance to get right, doing the things that need to be done versus the stress that it will all cause. Do hope he feels stronger soon, and you too.


  3. It sounds like they are trying to pull a fast one re the scaffolding, whoever rang yesterday must have known the offer was no longer applicable. How bloomin infuriating, you seem to be running in circles! I hope you finally get it sorted.xxxxx


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