‘If you are too big to serve, you are too small to lead’.

(thanks to David Porter via FB  )

serving others

(PS not sure about the ‘always’ … but even so!)


20 thoughts on “IF YOU ARE TOO BIG …

    1. Not all who serve can lead … but all who lead should serve, as the Man from Nazareth says.

      Maybe it should be used as a criterion in every job interview especially for the so-called ‘top jobs’ 😉


      1. I could not agree more….Tragically…..Too many cease to ‘serve’ when they are chosen to ‘lead’ 🙄 We should all be genetically wired for that ‘mythical law of Nature’….;)xx


      1. Most people at senior levels operate ruthlessly. They would not be in their positions otherwise. Perhaps, ABC’s might be examinable on this point too.


      2. It questions the whole system.

        Not just ABCs. Bishops, archdeacons, deans, – not to mention the ‘humble’ parish priest. I like to see a bishop helping with the washing up when he’s been invited to a bean feast – not just because we’ll all be impressed but because that’s what he automatically does.


      3. It’s interesting, because I have been getting the impression recently that bosses in business are thinking in more pastoral terms about management of staff. Makes for a happier and more productive work force. This attitude is also akin to ‘serving’, methinks.


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