20 thoughts on “LEST WE FORGET

  1. Yes, a very striking image.
    I usually attend my local Remembrance service but felt compelled to help out on Conservation Day at the Reserve. I worked alone in the woods clearing masses of brambles from the soft Autumnal mulchy earth. Having set my phone alarm to 11.00, I stopped for a couple of minutes and remembered the terrible sacrifices made by my fellow countrymen, including the three and half years captivity of my uncle Jack under the Japanese.
    Beaneath the towering oak trees and a clear blue sky, it was a poignant moment.


    1. That’s a very beautiful remembrance. Our two minutes at the Baptist church this morning was accompanied by a video from the British Legion, which started with a stonemason inscribing a name on a memorial stone, which was very poignant.


  2. Ahhhhh….yes, is an experience that is never forgotten. My dad tale bout the horrors o war right up until he died,his memories seemed to become even clearer as timewent by and he could never shake the lingering feel of all the deaths he witnessed.xxxxx


    1. It’s good that he could talk about it, so many of the veterans grew up with the ‘stiff upper lip’ and never spoke about their experiences. They say a soldier’s first responsibility is to his mates, not to his country … I think that’s a very powerful point :yes:


  3. Yes wonderful image and was lovely to see the turn out in 3 local Towns this morning…not so being stuck in the traffic…

    I thought I had timed it well to leave at 10.00am for the 7 mile drive..not so. Hounslow (a predomitary Asian community) was packed with people by the Church and the memorial. Primark observed the 2 mins silence.

    P xx


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