Politics and Economics AS level question:

Imagine you are a government minister who wishes to raise standards in teaching by attracting high quality graduates to the teaching profession. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of these policy suggestions:

a) Subject prospective teachers to tough literary and numeracy tests, and reject candidates who do not achieve a high standard.

b) Examine other professions that top quality graduates enter, and put teaching on an equal footing with these profession by increasing the salary of teachers to something more comparable.

c) Reduce government interference and constraints that restrict the ability of teachers to teach as they see fit by continually shifting the goalposts through top-down dictats.

(From Francis Casson via Facebook)



    1. I guess it’s always worth getting a good education – at least then, when the jobs do finally come along, the kids will be ready. They can volunteer in their spare time and get a wider experience.


  1. I think teaching is a real talent and many teachers don’t have the ability to inspire their pupils. In one school where I do art workshops, the art teacher actually hates art and cannot draw or paint.
    On the other hand I’ve met teachers, and remember some from my own schooldays who were and are, superb. I do think it’s a frustrating profession to be in, far too many changes and rules and regs coming down from on high. xxxxx


    1. Yes indeed. And something does have to be done about poor standards of teaching when they occur. But I don’t get this business about having to do an exam in English and maths before going in to the training, because it has always been the case that you must have GCSE in those subjects before you train. One of the reasons I didn’t train as a teacher was because, although I had an English degree and two theology diplomas and I was in my 40s, I was refused because I had never got O-level maths – I have dyscalculia. And I wanted to teach secondary RE which at the time was a key subject!! 8| The ironic thing was, that as soon as I got to Romania I was constantly being asked to teach English :yes: :**: (I loved it too …)


  2. We know what the teachers would answer here why do they always go on about extra money for setting higher standards πŸ™„ if you are a good teacher surely thats what you would want for your pupils to get the best results Im glad that the bar needs to be raised it can only be good in the long run πŸ˜‰


    1. I have a lot of teachers in my family and the thing they hate most is that they are not allowed to teach properly – there are so many boxes to tick instead. I want to hear from an Education Secretary who starts supporting teachers and making it easier for them to teach properly.


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