It’s been a difficult few days with one thing and another – Hub has a fluey cold that has left him feeling shattered. So when today dawned sunny and fine we decided to take ourselves over to Brixham.

It was so lovely. I walked out along the pier that was built for the American troops in the second world war – they launched Operation Overlord from here. Couples were strolling, elderly family members were being wheeled in wheel chairs or helped along with their walking sticks, kids and adults were fishing together. The sea sparkled in the sunshine and bright reflections were thrown up on the sides of the array of boats in the harbour.

A replica of Francis Drakes’ ‘Golden Hind’ stands permanently in the port, and there are still six of the old sailing trawlers. The fishing port is the biggest in the west country and they’ve recently developed the quays to make them more attractive and better-organised for the fishing fleet. There’s also a marina full of private boats. Some of those babies cost more than a house 8|


The town looked so attractive, with the coloured houses piling up on the surrounding hills – Brixham is very steep! It’s also the home of proper fudge, made on the premises … which I had to walk past, boo hoo, given my attempts to bring down my cholesterol count :no:


There were a few stalls along the quayside and I visited my favourite, which offers home-made jewellery. Each piece is unique and very reasonably priced, so I indulged in a couple of pairs of earrings and promised to return 😉

It was a such a nice, relaxed time and we’re so blessed to live nearby.

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27 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BRIXHAM

  1. Lol…sounds like you had a good day and the views I would think we would fab.

    I did post bits and links about Tobermory in Scotland a while back…wonderful scenery. I would love to visit but one heck of an expensive holiday with petrol and accomodation etc.

    No doubt when I get to see Stevie in a couple months she will show me the way to Brixham and I can see for myself. I have only ever been to Torquay and Paignton and they were brief visits.

    P xx


  2. Glad you’ve had such a lovely day out and got some nice unique earrings…. I recall my mother waxing lyrical about Brixham. Sounds as if it has lifted your spirits out of the muddles somewhat! 🙂 Hope your Sunday is lovely….


    1. There’s a new restaurant there – have you tried it?? It’s nice but rather expensive 8| Totnes was on the TV today – being the place that refuses to have one of these big coffee chain shops. Good for Totnes, say I!


  3. Lots of similarities with our local port developments, except ours are not so South Coast-like. The coloured houses remind me of Tobermory in Canada, and I am told, likewise for the original Scottish one.

    The outing sounds just about right and leisurely.


  4. That sounds…and looks…like having been a super ‘outing’…Hopefully an excellent tonic for that irritating ‘flu’….:roll:
    Delightful pictures…..The stuff of which retirement is made….:lalala: Hugs! :)xx


    1. ‘Oh there is blessing in this gentle breeze,
      A visitant that while it fans my cheek
      Doth seem half-conscious of the joy it brings
      From the green fields, and from yon azure sky.’

      😉 Yes, wonderful! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.


  5. How lovely. I do like those houses all painted up nestling on the hill.

    Your second paragragh is almost a poem!

    Glad you enjoyed your day, hopefully the fresh air will have blown the cobwebs of the last few days away.xxxxx


    1. Thanks Dina! how lovely. yes, it certainly lifted our spirits although there is a HUGE cobweb guarded by a vast stripy spider just outside my bedroom window … 😉

      Do you get much chance to do painting these days?


      1. Yes, I still paint every day. I’m working on a series of big African art that I hope to exhibit next year. I’ll post some of the pieces after Christmas and risk criticism… xxxxx


  6. What a good idea. A day out at the seaside to recharge your batteries. Looks like a lovely spot. I haven’t been to Brixham for many years. And well done you for resisting that fudge !! I hope your day out has blown away the cobwebs 😀 xxx


    1. Yes, it lifted our spirits, thanks Kegs. As for the cobwebs … there is an IMMENSE one just outside our bedroom window with a very fierce-looking spider in it 8|


  7. That looks lovely …. we’ve had rain since Tuesday 😦 and tonight I keep losing my TV channels through stormy weather 😦

    Might have to have an early night :yawn: though I wanted to watch Strictly Come Dancing 🙄


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