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      1. I am not sure – I just assumed, as it would be very scary, travelling to a foreign country when she is so ill, with nobody she knows with her. The news media aren’t saying. However, Pakistan is meeting all the costs, so it will not be us the taxpayer.


      2. I haven’t heard a thing since she arrived here…didn’t even know about Pakistan meeting the costs…. just hope she makes a full recovery and goes on to campaign for human rights.

        P xx


      3. They seem to be keeping a very careful eye on her at the hospital – some people arrived yesterday saying they wanted to see her as they were ‘well-wishers’, but they were not allowed in. The Taliban have sworn to kill her next time. She wants to be a doctor and help her own people.


      4. I just read that she has had a blog for about a year under an assumed name with the BBC
        I could not see it as they didn’t give the name but it seems abit risky of the BBC
        to ask her to do that at such a young age and walls have ears.Desmond Tutu had already nominated her for a childrens’ Peace Award… is it the Nobel?It does seem she may be unable to return to her home.What a world…
        I shall try to find the blog tomorrow as we are expecting people and I need to put my face on and lay the table.


      5. Hope your meal went well!

        What’s good about all this is that it’s united moderate Muslims and people of goodwill everywhere against the tactics of the Taliban. I am just reading a book at present designed to help people who are living under oppressive regimes, and one of the bits of advice is that people, especially leaders, should try and ensure their cases are well-known in democratic societies. If such regimes realise that the democratic countries will take some kind of action against them they are less likely to harass that person. Although it doesn’t seem to work with Syria … :no:


      6. I wonder what sort of action other countries could or should take?As you say,look at Syria.
        Could we compare it to the Spanish Armada coming to attack Britain as the Pope and Emperor
        thought Elizabeth should not be Queen being illegitimate in their eyes.
        If Elizabeth was brought down Mary Queen of Scots was the heir and was a Catholic.Our history would have been very different then.
        We did not accept the Armada and the Taliban don’t accept us telling them what to do.If anything,the opposite.
        I am concerned that Mamala was writing a blog for the BBC under an assumed name.
        Were the BBC right to put her in danger… what was their motive I wonder?Was it for morally good reasons?
        It is so tragic.I feel so sad it happened.Must wash up now..behind all day.


      7. I don’t quite follow the reasoning … the Taliban are extremists, disowned by moderate Muslims. Are you suggesting that the Spanish wanted to be our extremists, to take over our nation? Not quite the same, I feel, as the Taliban appear to be located within the countries concerned, not coming from outside. I suspect our nearest modern equivalent is the clash of the IRA with the Provos in N Ireland – although there we had 2 groups of extremists, making life miserable for everyone else.

        I don’t know about the diary and the BBC. If she was writing under a different name would that have been enough to protect her?

        She is one courageous young lady and I hope she gets the future she deserves.


      8. I was thinking that the Pope wanted Spain to invade England… and take over in some sense.
        And the Iraq war was not much of a help…
        If you visit the BBC website you can see that her blogging is now openly acknowledged.I am against the BBC for doing this.
        I agree it’s an evil crime.. and so is sending drones over Pakistan killing civilians and the British government being exposed for torturing people for years.. or rendering them for torture.
        People will focus on the personal like this poor girl…. but the larger issues are too much…
        We don’t like to think of the casualties of the drones
        The Taliban was funded by the USA when they were fighting the Russians/Soviets.Then all changed at 9/11/
        It’s all so convoluted..
        Us and them..

        I find politics so complicated like law and ethics.I read the Observer and the Independent today.And looked at BBC website..How much time to spend… is there a fund to help this girl?I shall donate.. otherwise Medecin sans Frontiers.
        A very interesting post.Thank you.


      9. I appreciate your comments. I agree – it’s hugely complex, and the west has a share in the blame for what is happening. I’m hoping against hope that Malala will have the effect of bringing together people of goodwill across the world, and bringing about some of the changes needed in a situation which breeds extremists. Maybe then the individual issue will affect the larger one?


      10. I was interested to read an article in one of the papers last week, written by a Pakistani, saying that the action against Malala has done more to unite Pakistan than anything else, and that the government and moderate Muslims have all spoken out against it.

        Whether this means anything in reality, we wait to see …


    1. I hope so. Change we must – but it needs to be change in a positive and peace-loving direction. We don’t have to agree with each other, but we do need to live together.


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