I was listening to David Cameron this morning on the Andrew Marr show. Have you noticed how often he uses this phrase? It’s also used a lot by Theresa May, George Osborne and other members of the Cabinet.

Is it just me, or are there others who think this might mean ‘I am going to obfuscate but in a way which makes it sound simple because we don’t think you’re clever enough to understand what’s really going on’ … :crazy:

And as for George Osborne. Saying that he’s not going to have a mansion tax because it’s ‘not fair’ to ‘clobber’ the rich with extra taxes … because they have ‘worked hard’ for it.

Excuse me? Do only rich people work hard, Mr Osborne? What about the millions of people here who work all the hours just to try and make ends meet and look after their families? You don’t seem to have any compunction about clobbering them – or those who are retired … who after all have worked hard all their lives and paid their taxes – or those who are disabled …



19 thoughts on “"LET ME BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR"

  1. When I read the papers or listen to the media in general ,I ask two questions to begin with.

    1 Why are they telling me this

    2 And why today

    I then try to be objective and control my prejudice.Most peples politican opinions are generated from the media few know how to discuss. The two most influential papers are the Sun and the Mail who dictate what the news is to be. I think we all fall for this at times.a case in point is the intention to allow home owners to defend themselves more vigorously. I do not believe the Law will allow this through and in any case it is for the jury to decide.Chris Grayling Justice Secretary not a lawyer (a challenge to the Courts) trails this subject before the Home Secretary’s speech; the hounds will chase it until Friday when, its job done, it will be put away for another year Sorry ! . . . . you mentioned Gordon Brown. Is it not interesting that the world in general appears to respect him something about a prophet not gaining honour in his own land.Ed Milliband is having a hard time too Why ? some ‘one’ is frighten of him that’s why; it is worthwhile hitting him.I think he will come through.


    1. Two excellent questions, BB – and so much opinion is speculation anyway, both our own and that of the media in general. I try to keep an open mind but sometimes, as is the case with this comment of Osborne, I find there is nowhere else to go except to say ‘this is wrong’.


    1. I always noticed how the media never gave Gordon Brown even a fighting chance. I don’t hold any candle for Gordon, but I was astonished at the vitriol in the media when they discussed him. The guy could not do right for doing wrong, right from the start. Cameron, by comparison, has had a fairly lengthy honeymoon.


  2. they are so blatantly self-protective and protective of their friends and have absolutely not a clue what it is like for the rest of us :no:…. It is scary how selfish and oblivious and uncaring they are… :no: ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  3. There are some ordenery men and women who work very hard for not very much and always have done. Yes they do talk shit some of these people they think they are talking to people who are below them and insult our intelligence.xx


  4. I agree entirely.When someone says ‘let me be absolutely clear you know they are on the way to obfuscation.
    I am interested in politics and would like to listen this week to the Tories and know I should, but try as I might I do not believe I can listen.Party aside this is the worst government we have had since the days of Attlee, including Thatcher.
    The worrying thing is the weakness of the present coalition especially its leaders Cameron and Clegg are poor but the parties cannot replace them without opening a can of worms, they both realise this so go on with this suicidal RAGE. We are in dire staits I know but there is no need to destroy the best of our diminishing democracy. I fear for our future should this government win the next election. There is more to Ed Milliband than the media are prepared to show and report, he is not a loud mouth and I feel he is patient.With good fortune he will let this government hang itself . .he had a good conference

    Indigoblue is right in believing they are out of touch; however they do not care to be in touch which is quite worrying. I am a socialist and have been all my life; however I have voted outside my political beliefs in the past, when circumstances demanded but never again

    The debate about the mansion tax is interesting. They are avoiding the true issue. We need a land tax. Lloyd Geaorge tried to introduce it in the early C20 but the WW2 stop his effoert. The Labour coalition tried again in the 20/30s but the Tories stopped it in its tracks. I pay more per square metre for my land than the local 1000s hectare estates.


  5. I sooooooo agree with you, Dad is STILL working up until he was hospitalised with pneumonia and will probably carry on working when he gets out. It’s in our blood, we’ve always worked in our family as have our children. It really gets on my nerves as well. They need to get into the real world.


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