‘Always, wherever, whatever, however,
When I am able to resist
For once the constant pressure of failure to exist,
Let me remember
That truly to be man is to be man aware of Thee
And unafraid to be. So help me God.’

(David Gascoyne, ‘Fragments towards a religio poetae’)

unafraid to be


20 thoughts on “UNAFRAID TO BE

    1. Yes, when I put together a new service for our last church, a lot of people couldn’t read very well or their first language wasn’t English. So I used lots of pictures, not just to illustrate but to help people to think. And on the page with the confession, and the forgiveness, I put a picture of a butterfly with the words ‘new life!’ underneath – to remind people that when God forgives us He gives us new life, a new way of living :yes:


    1. thanks, BB. It’s hard to track down Gascoyne. It’s the title of a seminal book written by Ruth Etchells, who lectured at Durham on English literature, and gives a masterly survey of mid-2oth century writing. She died recently.


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