Let me come into the church of God
to meet the Spirit of God:
not to give religion an hour,
but to live in the eternal;
not to maintain a decorous habit,
but to bow in the holy place before the Holy One;
not to judge the words of a preacher,
but to draw life from the Word and Truth everlasting;
not to be moved or soothed by music,
but to sing from the heart divine praises;
not that mine eyes roam over architecture or congregation,
but that my soul look up to the King in his beauty,
and my heart plead the needs of his children;
not that my thoughts escape out into the world,
but that they be still, and know that thou art God.

(Eric Milner White)


(image from http://realpowermaxingoutongodslove.com/Reminders%20of%20Gods%20presence.htm )



  1. Lovely poetry ……… but how can one not judge the words of the preacher…… he or she is a lecturer / teacher and to learn anything we must analyze the words.


    1. I think what he’s saying is that if we go to church JUST to judge the preacher, then we will end up spiritually impoverished. If we ask God to help us see more about him, and draw closer to him, through what a preacher says, then our hearts and spirits are more open – and such an attitude might help the preacher too!


    1. thanks, it sums up so much of my own longings, although I am of course aware that many people don’t share my faith. It’s good that I can put these thoughts up, and not get a howling gale of furious secularists taking over the blog 😉 I think that BCUK has settled down a bit in that respect, although perhaps I am just among more tolerant and respectful people than when I first started.


    1. Yes, I think so too – found it inside the front cover of the service booklet – and I especially liked the little note after the Communion, which said ‘please do not talk after you have received Communion’!!! If only :no: The 3 dear ladies in front of me – and the two behind us – IMMEDIATELY started to whisper … sure tests how holy one is feeling 😉 :))


    1. Thanks, Jane. I went to a different church today and found this written on the front page of the service booklet – I twisted the minister’s arm and asked if I could take it home, provided I brought it back!!!


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