IN-VEST-ITURE AND (AAARRGGHH!!) collywobbles …

It’s that time of year again. The time when Hub discusses whether it is time yet for him to Wear His Vest.

Now vests, in case you don’t know are very important. They feature in lengthy chats about whether they are strictly necessary, when on a warm sunny day on the beach, along with a shirt, a jumper, a jacket, jeans, socks and shoes and a hat, when the grandchildren are running around in bathing suits.

Our daughters soon gave up hope when they lived at home: tended to roll their eyes and get into their bikinis.

Not so Son. ‘Dad, what on EARTH are you DOING???????? NOT socks with sandals, Dad!! That is a JOKE! and we’re not at the NORTH POLE you know!! Dad’ (and here the chorus would swell with the girls too) you are just SO EMBARRASSING!!!!!’

Hub who, as I’ve said before, simply climbs into the clothes that happen to be there of a morning, could never understand why his sartorial style (or lack of it) occasioned such interest. It never occurs to him even to look in the mirror.

Unless it’s Vests. Now Hub grew up with a Very Good Mummy, who told him that if he didn’t wear his Vest, then  he would get the (cue Jaws scary music)  … collywobbles

Which is why, at this time of year, a retired man’s fancy turns to Vests

Because, at all costs, we must avoid the (sshhh)  collywobbles …


21 thoughts on “IN-VEST-ITURE AND (AAARRGGHH!!) collywobbles …

  1. I miss my vest, not worn one since I was about 14! I hated giving it up, it was so cosy!
    I also used to wear a liberty bodice when smaller…
    Theres something nice and comforting about cotton next to the skin…


  2. I wear sandals every day even in winter BUT with socks. I do not like toes hate them when painted; I am fortunate in that I do not feel the cold and in bed if I cannot find a cold spot out go my feet. As a countryman at heart I wear many layers usually five each of them thin, above all in the fields your feet must be warm . . .cold feet cold heart.Your head too must be wrapped. your lose a tremendous amount of heat through your scalp well I do . Gloves I do not like so am prepared to have cool digits; and talking of digits you need warm pants and thick trousers in the cold.Passion killers yes but passion is best served in cotton, in summer and not too much. Returning to Bushka a retired man’s fancy does not turn to vests


    1. By the way, not sure what has happened: I signed up for your blog, to receive notifications by email, but thought you had been rather quiet recently. Anyway, I have signed up again.


  3. Pardon me!!! ‘…a retired man’s fancy turns to Vests’? Something’s amiss somewhere…:roll:
    Socks and sandals? Heavy overcoat worn in the Sahara? Longjohns under PJ’s? Ah! Well! Welcome to England!!!! :>>


  4. Hahahahaha…..loved this!!!! The poor man….y’know, the collywobbles are fearsome and should be avoided at all cost….I’d buy him woolen vests, that’ll sort him or put him off for good!xxxxx


    1. Oh yes! I remember my Mum putting all my school clothes round the fire to warm: vest, liberty bodice, white pants, school navy pants with pocket, shirt, tunic, tie, sash … what a palaver! Layers are where it’s at :yes:


  5. Ha, ha. You had me laughing out loud Gilly. :))
    I think your husband is very sensible. They do say don’t cast a clout till May is out and it isn’t May yet is it? (is there something wrong with my logic there ? )

    Anyway, I can quite sympathise with the poor man if he feels the cold easily (as I do). I sometimes wear a vest even in the Summer.

    After all, who would want to get the…collywobbles LOL !
    (does he also wear hiking socks indoors like I do? )


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