I had to go into the surgery recently as I’m a newish patient and they like to do a full-on check, to try and stop our bad habits before we drop dead too quickly.

And of course I had to have an armful of blood taken so they could count the nasties in it.

And of course I KNEW what the results would be.

Yup. :yes: I was right. ‘Your cholesterol is very high’ … :zz:

It’s been high for as long as I can remember. A succession of doctors have tut-tutted and frowned over it and given me the 3rd-degree over my diet.


Well, do even lower fatter. :**:

It won’t make any difference – it won’t, you know, it never does … :lalala:

At last a sensible doctor in Birmingham told me that of course it won’t make much difference, because my body is busy making extra cholesterol all by itself. Isn’t it clever. Not.

At a certain point I always bring out the information that my mother had high cholesterol too. Yup. It’s in the genes and there ain’t nothing I can do about it.

Anyway … |-| I am on another evener lower fatter diet and have to go back again in 8 weeks and repeat the process )-o

Why do I feel like I’ve failed an exam and I have been sent home in disgrace to do more homework in order to pass???

However, what’s really important is this. No Devon cream teas. For 2 months. Not even slightly. Not even LOOKING 8|

Not that I’ve had many, mind you 😦




52 thoughts on “CHOLESTEROL …

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed they come down. A lot of people I met on placement refused to take statins because of the side effects. I wouldn’t want to know my cholesterol when I’m older- I’ll take the shorter, chubbier (much much chubbier if I ate all the cake I wanted) life thank you x


  2. I have had Bp since my mid thirtys and i was very slim then and did not drink or smoke or eat huge meals. I have been on treatment for it all those years,but only recently they told me i had high cholestorol and gave me statins which i dont take because they can do as much damage apparantly as good.xx


    1. Yes, they collect up our ‘points’ and if we score highly in a number of areas, like if we smoke and drink and are overweight and have high B/P then we are considered more ‘at risk’ of a stroke or a heart attack if we also have high cholesterol.

      I don’t think they quite know what to do with those of us who have a low score in most of the other ways!


  3. Oh my, you’re being put through the testing process all over again. As you say, some bodies do manufacture cholesterols and well above the levels that have been set. There are two measurements and one can off-set the levels of the other if calculated to be a useful measurement. I guess though, you will have got that information already.

    A friend had to go through the same process, although she was already taking meds for her cholesterol. She was asked if she would relinquish her meds and do the diet for six months. She’s been there before and declined. However, she agreed to three months, knowing full well what the results would be. All this took place because the statin that was prescribed was now said not to be very helpful in the older patient. I am sure she raised lots of questions before and after. She’s back on her original statin and her GP is content with her cholesterol levels. Experiment done and dusted.


      1. Yup, very probably! I take the line that if we eat a reasonably healthy diet, take reasonable exercise etc etc then we are giving ourselves the best chance. In any case, so often major health problems arrive completely out of the blue and are not things that could have been prevented. If it’s got your name on it …


      1. Indeed.

        Not everyone can tolerate statins, therefore, appropriate eating can be an option. I remember work colleagues eating the boiled rice diet when statins were not on the prescription list.

        There is a useful book around on cholesterol, which was available to purchase at pharmacies; I don’t know if it is around now.

        I did hear that the level of acceptability varies in parts of the UK. A friend, an ex-nurse, had her cholesterol measurements done in Wales. To her the result seemed a bit on the high side, bearing in mind the ‘new’ acceptable levels guidance to doctors, at the time. (It was lower than the previous one). When querying the results with the GP the answer that came back was;

        “The figures are alright for Wales”.

        Her response was

        “I am not Wales.”


      2. The boiled rice and plain boiled cooked everything else was tough. Some of those people would have been delighted when statins arrived, if they were a useful option for them.


      1. I am careless with my diet but do not eat too much quantity . .one main meal per day and watch the drink. I cannot excercise a great deal as I have problems walking far or fast. I have a retriever who keeps me active and walk a woodland of uneven ground to help my muscles. I used to be a successful miler considered a future international but did not follow through in favour of study;perhaps saving me more muscular troubles !


    1. Well I have a cunning plan :> When I go again and the cholesterol has hardly come down at all and I’ve made my point … I shall head to the cake shop to celebrate!! :>>


  4. try the 5:2 diet with 600cals on two days but normal food the rest of the week .I do mon amd fri. you can’t have protein on the two days as the body will then repair cells that r dqmqged. hubs cholesterol has reduced by a good bit in less than a month


    1. Yes, I’ve heard of this – my brother has just done it. I’ll certainly look at it for both of us. I don’t eat much anyway … but Hub does love his food! Thanks, BDA.


    1. Because … the rest of my counts always come back really low, and they consider that high cholesterol needs action if it occurs with high blood pressure, overweight, no exercise, smoking etc etc.

      And I don’t want to go on statins, because they make your joints ache, and I have had enough trouble with fibromyalgia to last me a very long time!


      1. Ah I see, my daughter has fybromyralgia so know how bad that gets. I’m am lucky in that my cholesterol is low surprising as all members of my family have high. But it is reccomended that all over 50’s should take statins so just wondered.


      2. I hadn’t heard that … my time may yet come 😦 Hub has been given them for the first time (because he’s overweight and has high BP) and they make his joints ache – and he never has this problem!

        You’ll just have to eat my cream teas, Gill 😉


      3. I could manage that :yes:

        I don’t take anything for bloodpressure or cholesterol now, when I was in the pub I had a blip, due to stress they said, but now bloodpressure and cholesterol spot on, I don’t know how with the fact I like a tipple and my food. yet my younger sister has everything including heart failure. . .so lucky me 🙂


      4. Must take after my mum then as my dad died ar 48 with heart failure, which is why I worry about my sister, but when I collapsed in the pub and had the heart trouble I determined it wasn’t my time so gave up the pub and the stress :))


      5. My dad was a publican at the time of his death and I remember as I laid in the ambulance I said if you think I’m coming to be with you yet father you’ve got another ********* thing coming. So now I am more careful, I have never smoked unlike him and my sister and I am sure that was a big plus for me under the circumstances. And although I am over weight a bit and I do like the odd drink I actually more often than not choose the healthy option. Except for cream teas of course :>>


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