Last year when we were down here in Devon we noticed that there were quite a few oil tankers, just sitting there out to sea. They did not appear to move from day to day. The rumour was, that they were waiting for the price of petrol to go up.


I found that difficult to believe, but what do I know? Yesterday I was watching a programme about supertankers, and lo and behold, that is exactly what happens.

So if you live near the sea and see them all lined up, just sitting there … you can astonish your mates by announcing, like an oracle, that the price of fuel is about to go up.

(image from http://www.electric-vehiclenews.com/2012/05/chevrolet-volt-saves-supertanker-of.html )


  1. Looking at your picture of the tanker moving, the bulk does seem to be sitting low in the water suggesting it is carrying weight. However, not all oil tankers are waiting for prices to rise….the idea of tanker captains foiling with very localised politics is a neat one, though, a bit hard to comprehend in the large scale of things.

    I have seen tankers and carriers anchored out, around the Firth Of Forth. There are many reasons for it, awaiting price rises is not highest on the list. If it were, many more of our goods prices would be yo-yo-ing every other day or so. I know it feels like that is happening, however, it is not, as you probably know, for the reason suggested for the oil tankers anchored out.


      1. I am on high alert when it comes to what news reporters report, and how they report what they do report. The sources would make for fascinating discovery. Perhaps there there may not be any calumny intended by the reporter.


    1. An excellent question. Along with the question, why check that those claiming ‘disability benefit’ (now renamed to something more politically correct) really are disabled, on the grounds that some of them can work, when there are no jobs for them anyway?


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