I can’t let the Paralympics go by without saying what an extraordinary, extraordinary, EXTRAORDINARY group of people the athletes are.   Not to mention their dedicated teams and families.  The gigantic physical and mental exertions to be the best they can be in the face of stupendous odds, leave me lost for words.  The medals have been coming in droves, and it’s only afterwards that you hear of some of the privations and the ruthless discipline they have exercised in order to get to this point.

It’s bound to change the way we ‘see’ disability, if ‘we’ need to change – though I think our nation is pretty good, especially in comparison with other countries.

It also puts our own, much lesser challenges into perspective.  It doesn’t make them go away, of course, but it inspires us to roll up our sleeves and believe that we can do this, whatever it is that we’re struggling with.  If they can have a fighting spirit and fierce determination, maybe we can too.

It’s also worth remembering that our parathletes have dedicated friends and supporters and would not have reached such heights without their back-up teams and coaches, who give and give and give.  That’s another lesson to take out of their book, perhaps.  When we’ve got a mountain to climb, or a challenge that feels desperate, these athletes inspire us to admit that sometimes we need help and support too.  That can be a hard thing to do, but we are all ‘differently-abled’, and we need each other.

paralympics GB






  1. It is all pretty good stuff but i was amazed by a cyclist with one leg and the speed he managed to go at, his leg was missing up to his buttocks how on earth he balanced i will never know.xx


  2. The paralympics were inspirational from the opening to the closing ceremony and everyone of them deserves tremendous recognition world over no matter which country they represented.

    P xx


  3. What’s more inspiring is to watch them standing still, having fun and not giving up in spite of their disabilities. Makes them more normal than the normals whining on useless unimportant little things they can’t have.


      1. Yes, fine now. We recently retired! I had a ‘scare’ for a while when a melanoma was discovered on my thumb, and I have had a skin graft. Blessing for me that it was only a superficial one.


  4. Well said Gilly, I agree wholeheartedly with every word. I am overcome with amazement at the feats achieved and like you humbled. I’ll not complain if I get a bit of a backache now and then anymore. We do take our mobility for granted.xxxxx


  5. Inspiring post, Gilly. It speaks volumes that the Chinese were only able to sell 5,000 pre-paid tickets for their Paralympics….we sold something like 2.3 million. Maybe there will be a change in attitudes. I hope so.


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