I noticed recently that the washbasin in the bathroom was leaking. It would be OK for a while, then a small trickle of water would emerge from round the back and create a puddle at the foot of the pedestal.

We asked our neighbour, who had put in the bathroom, to come and have a look. He tightened it up and it was OK for an hour … then started to leak again.

We don’t like relying too much on free service from a neighbour – can be tricky for relationships – so we contacted the local company who had previously sent someone to plumb in our washing machine.

He came, took it apart, showed us what he thought was the problem, sorted it out and went away.

It still leaked.

He came back, had another go, said that if it continued then it was probably because the plug hole was plastic rather than metal, and left.

And it leaked.

The third time he came back with his boss. The two of them took the whole thing apart, removing the pedestal altogether. This time they found what had not been visible before – a hairline fracture in the plastic collar-thing.

They replaced the unit with a metal one, and left.

And it doesn’t leak! :>>

We really like them. They are pleasant, professional, prompt, explain everything, and the previous bill for the washing machine had been very reasonable.

We waited for the bill for this time … 8|

It’s just come. They’ve billed us for one visit, plus parts.

It’s a pleasure to do business with people like these! So I heartily recommend

(fanfare) the wonderful http://www.eco-trades.co.uk/


28 thoughts on “LEAKING

      1. No, no more leaks – but the back of the flat is cut into the side of a hill, and we’re on the ground floor. The sea air is very moist, and I have real problems drying clothes. It is probably the shower mat, which doesn’t dry quickly!


      2. Could be the leak has been there longer than you thought and has been dripping under the floor…worth checking under the bath (by taking the side panel off) and see if it is damp there.

        Other than that you could have a problem with condensation which btw does not mean it is visible like on windows…or the damp course may have been ‘compromised’ somewhere…can you check?

        Remind me to give you info on the condensation and some pics which illustrate what happened here.

        P xx


  1. Brilliant job done by professionals, now that is something very hard to find. Dad has had soooooo many people in doing his flat at the moment and I think he’s had his full share of useless tradesman and then the odd good one so your lucky to find someone so good.


      1. I think Dad could write a book on it at the moment, he’s well and truly had enough, but its looking soooooooooooooooo good. We’ve been to Dads today putting up 8 sets of curtains, yes 8 sets with 6 sets on one long long window in his flat.

        It took us 2 hours and the sun was pouring in, I felt like I’d just walked out of shower at the end of it. Still some jobs to do and no bed for us to sleep in tonight so we came back so feeling pretty shattered tonight but we are finally nearly there.


  2. The boat is a little like your leaky pedestal, it’s been in the boatyard three times, as fast as one leak is sorted another springs up next to it….I’m hoping the leaks don’t join up before we sell it!xxxxx


  3. What a wonderful set of chaps…..and that’s what I like to hear….no leaking. Now….wonder if they would like to take a look at our boat….EVERYTHING leaks on that, Everything.xxxxx


    1. One of the things we’re enjoying about this place is that there are a lot of small businesses and family businesses around. Because it’s not a huge place to live, word gets around if they don’t do a good job!


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