Yesterday evening Hub and I took a stroll along the seafront, and were confronted with hundreds and hundreds of motorbikes.

Apparently every year, the bikers pay £1 each to park on the seafront


where they enjoy all things bikey


and at the end of the summer


they tot up the takings and make a donation to charity.


It’s a very long time since Hub and I got around on a Honda 90 but there were still some stirrings in our souls 😉


26 thoughts on “BIKEFEST

      1. I love bikes. Actually it has to be a Harley or my family would have a fit. Of course I was married to a biker so harley’s was the norm. I found because I knew bikers way before him that most bikers even though they like to party they will use thier bikes and love of riding to collect money for good cauess. One of thier favorite charities help children. And christmas do a large ride to collect money and toys for the kids. So my hearts are with most bikers


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