… sleeping babies.

on abuelo's armin the train


26 thoughts on “HAPPINESS IS …

      1. Incapable at that age of doing anything wrong…….. the idea of pinning (original) sin upon a child struck me as absurd. Maybe I should not have said anything but still feel it today. We call them little innocents don’t we ?

        Quite a few people even at the Salvation Army find the concept of God requiring the sacrifice of his Son on the cross for our sins to be bizarre ! David


      2. You are very welcome to express your opinion whenever you wish – my only criterion is that differing opinions should be put forward with respect, which is certainly the case with you. I am not made of Dresden china! One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is so that I can discover what other people think who are not of my persuasion.


    1. Ah well … if you cut out the bit of my face above Madame Thumb after Waterloo … and then stick it on top of the sleeping baby one … you might get an idea … you did say you had nothing better to do, didn’t you?? 😉


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