Coalition back on track following successful team-building day

both parties now able to cope much better with 'yellow on blue' incidentsDowning Street has announced that the future of the Coalition Government is once again rosy after Cabinet ministers from both parties took part in a highly successful day of team-building exercises.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg agreed that the away day had been a resounding success. ‘To be honest I had been having doubts about the future of the coalition,’ he admitted. ‘We took such a hammering over tuition fees, then we lost the vote over electoral reform and then the Tories failed to support us over House of Lords reforms – I was starting to think we should pull out. But a day of paint-balling has changed all that, and I’m once again fully committed to seeing out the full term.’

Vince Cable also said that he had found the event ‘motivating and inspiring’. ‘I was having some issues with George Osborne and his economic plans, but ten minutes of falling backwards and catching each other really taught us that we can work together and trust each other.’

Prime Minister David Cameron declared himself ‘delighted’ with the success of the day. ‘We’ve all got to know each other a lot since putting up a tent together blindfolded,’ he said. ‘I was starting to get a little anxious that they wouldn’t support our boundary change bill, but now I’m almost certain they will.’

A further team-building event is planned for early 2015. ‘We’re going to do things slightly differently then,’ said Cameron excitedly. ‘We’re going to do a bit of communal drumming, then a team treasure hunt, then we’re getting someone in to teach us hypnosis. By the end of the session I’m confident the LibDems won’t even want to run against us at the next Election.’

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    1. It is fun, I’m sure! But it is satirical – although companies and businesses do go in for these ‘team-building’ experiences, the joke is, that even if the government did so, it is not going to improve the way they govern. Many of us suspect that the ‘re-shuffle’ just done by the Prime Minister will make things harder, not easier, for us.


      1. Good fun. listening to the re shuffle I wonder who chose the changes.I think it a case of keeping ones friends close and enemies closer.One new secretary of state must have a very influential friend.


      1. It would be difficult for any party in power….. thank God its not Putin [ rasPutin ] Those poor girls now imprisoned for raising there voices in dissent. David.


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