Had a lovely few days with our son.  He’s had a difficult time recently:  he worked incredibly hard to get his PhD over a year ago, and has been persistently looking for work – any work – since.  He hasn’t been able to find anything, apart from a few days in the past month, and of course it’s been depressing.  He’s been signing on every week, and has only now cobbled together a few days to come and see us and inspect The New Parental Abode.

He’s impressed!  (which is good )  We went to Brixham on Friday, to have some of their famous fish and chips, and took a walk out on the sea wall (built in WW2 to enable the Americans to take part in Overlord).  The wall is a mile in length, and as we were returning the heavens opened and we were DELUGED We were so soaked, we scrubbed round the idea of going on to somewhere for a cup of tea, and came home instead for one … I even put on the heating, it was so chilly, and our clothes needed somewhere to dry!

Yesterday he suggested that we make a roast dinner, so he did the Jamie Oliver thing, and I did the scullery-maid thing, and although we say so ourselves, it was rather delicious.  Finished off with plum crumble, made from my sister’s plums which she had bottled.

So off to our Holy Chaos church today, then just time to have lunch before he went for his coach.  It will take him 6 hours back to London

The good news is, that he’s won a scholarship and will start a fully-funded PGCE in a fortnight.  That will be a massive relief, all round.  When he’s got his timetable, we’re hoping he’ll have some time to come and see us again – maybe with his lovely girlfriend.  But I suspect that course will keep him very, very busy …



32 thoughts on “SON GONE!

  1. Very glad your son has got the PGCE scholarship/course…. and yes I reckon it will keep him very busy. Must have really lightened things for you all knowing he is ‘sorted’ for the year to come :yes: As you say… being unemployed longeterm is very debilitating and not good…

    How lovely he came and stayed and you had that time together even if it poured with rain! Scrummy roast dinner… cooked for you??? can’t be bad! 🙂


    1. He’s got into cooking since he was unemployed – reckons he is the Mum for his 2 flatmates – tells them to tidy up and carry out the rubbish etc 8| I would NEVER have believed it!!!


      1. :)) :)) how hilarious! :)) It’s like Daughter in Greece and one of the others, all cleaning the place with bleach and finding the other two ‘grimy’ and absolutely grossed out with the standards of cleanliness etc! :)) Perhaps our wonderful examples are taken on board afterall 8|

        Though actually…. though not ‘grimy’… I’m hardly a Stepford Wife…..


  2. As I keep explaining to my unqualified nephew who wants a job in heritage, there are people with Ph.Ds cleaning the loos in museums just to get a foot on the ladder.

    It’s a terrible problem in seeking work “You can’t do this job because you are not qualified”, “You have the right qualifications but no experience”, “You can’t do that job because you are over qualified.” So glad it has at last worked out right for your son.


  3. Oh, gilly, I feel quite envious, how lovely having your son home but what a shame the weather was so awful. I am now well and truly fed up with this awful rain. Like you we have the gas coal fire on to create some warmth in the lounge.

    I had my usual ‘facetime’ we my son yesterday which I don’t think I could survive without.

    A really wet bank holiday though, typically English 🙂


    1. Very relieved. It’s been a hard year, and although I am not the sort of mother who thinks that my children should be shielded from every hardship, I am glad there’s an end in sight and a new beginning for him.


  4. Its odd that even a Ph. D. in Physics doesn’t get your son a job…. glad he’s got funds now for a ost grad certificate in Education. Teachers are now better paid. David.


    1. He’s won a scholarship to do a PGCE at King’s, London … so that should keep him off the streets 😉 He starts in 2 weeks and we shall all be heartily relieved for him.


  5. It’s a nightmare on the jobhunting front at the moment, there’s nothing doing at all!I wish him luck in finding a job.
    Mmmmmmmmmm….that plum crumble is makin me tum rumble…..xxxxxx


    1. With a little bit of cinnamon in the crumble 😉

      Son is starting a PGCE course in a fortnight, and he’s won a scholarship to cover the costs, so that should keep him off the streets!


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