A quote from a friend of mine, who has just come back from working in Tanzania for 10 years as a physiotherapist:

‘Just seen on the news about people being compensated by the local council for car damage due to potholes. They are NOT potholes, merely slight irregularities in an otherwise delightfully smooth road surface. A REAL pothole is one where the whole vehicle is in it, there is displacement of the car up to a 45 degree angle from the vertical, a whole new diversion created to go around it, or necessitates driving on the other side of the road!!!’

(Dr Charles Todd visiting dispensaries in N Nigeria)

This is our  personal picture – printed from an old slide, so not very good quality –  of what an authentic African pot hole looks like in the rainy season.  As you can see, there isn’t any ‘other side of the road’ 


23 thoughts on “POTHOLES

  1. in the picture it is not really a road is it? more like a animal track along the river.
    However, I too have noticed that it is much more common to complain in the UK now about the roads etc. Hence all the ads from these companies promising compensation for whatever has befallen you. It is becoming just like the US!


  2. Lol….this has put me FIRMLY in my place! I constantly moan about….erm….scared to use the word now….potholes when cycling, BUT…. shall not anymore. Brilliant pic!


      1. Rural areas compare most favourably…as do roads in the more remote areas….
        S.African roads are remarkably modern……and very good….exceptions everywhere – as in England…..even some roads in our own towns leave much to be desired….;)


      2. That’s very commendable! Not like in Romania then, where the authorities looked after the main roads and ignored the roads into the villages … :no:


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