Just had this from the team:

‘thank you for your request.

At this moment we have no recources to increase the speed of upload.

Thanks for the report, that user has been removed from our platform.

Please write to us, if you have further questions.
Thank you.

Kind regards Customer Support’

So guys, if we want faster upload, then we will have to move.

Now what :??:



  1. Comments are certainly slower to post than they used to be. When the whirly thing starts its dance I mouse back up to the top of the page click on my blog and leave it to it, they still get posted. πŸ™‚


  2. I cannot add anything useful to the discussion. I have, with regret, after many years of enjoyable blogging here at BCUK, migrated, meeting up with a few friends originally from BCUK who have blog sites in one or other of the sites mentioned here, Blogger and WordPress.

    I hope that people will keep in touch with me via email subscriptions or ‘friends connect’. I shall be popping over here to see what people are up to and hear about their doings.

    TTFN :wave:


      1. Very many thanks Gillyk for your very kind words.

        As you say, we can keep up with one another. I have now restored the ‘follow by email’ box on my blogspot site. It disappeared when I became Google+. There is also a ‘friends connect button’ which may be easier for people who already are subscribed to Blogger. In truth, I am not sure how it works. Some friends have already linked up that way, which, gives me a lovely warm glow.


        I take it from what you say, you are, for the time being, staying put.

        M xx


      2. Yes, I’ll stay put for the time being, and add other posts of a slightly different nature on my WordPress blog. I’ve already subscribed to your ‘new’ blog and get your posts by email – hopefully that will continue without a hitch!


  3. Thanks for sharing this, though I came to that conclusion before I got the word from the management… I can’t take it any longer. Being on this platform makes me uncomfortable. But as I wrote today, I leave with good feelings about what I’ve experienced on BCUK.


  4. I do not have broadband as I use a dongle…and I always felt that the prob lay with this.

    Whilst all of you keep saying about uploading pics etc I haven’t had a prob with truth of late even with spam it has improved

    P xx


  5. It. Seems strange to me that some people find uploading takes a long time and others don’t ? I know that on my laptop it is a lot slower but that happens on things like Facebook too but on my iPad it is a lot quicker. Even in the early days I was on blog there would be times when pictures took longer to post. I can’t say that I am finding it much of a problem. Do you think there is any difference between pros and non pros? I have always paid for a pro blog.


    1. I’m not a ‘pro’ but it seems that Pros are having the same problem as the rest of us. I do think that speed is something to do with the age of one’s laptop or computer – the older it is, the slower. Hub has just invested in a reconditioned Dell laptop and there’s no comparison to the speeds – the newer one is so much faster.


  6. What puzzles me is that the speed used to be ok so perhaps there’s an underlying problem that hasn’t been detected? The problem is more apparent to the regular users here so the support team might not see it from a users point of view.

    Perhaps we should all decant elsewhere but meet up here occasionally in somewhere like “Our Place” acting like a drop in centre? We could share our new blogs and subscribe to each others.

    I’m already going through the process of putting my poems on WordPress where the lovely Plantpot and Freeasthewind have visited.

    I’ll get my head round the situation when I get back from Ireland.


  7. It’s pushing my luck to say this, I know, but I don’t find the upload speed to be that much of a problem. Sure, it varies a bit, but even quite huge images get there in reasonable time. And moving is such a faff.


    1. It’s not the time to upload images it’s mostly comments ~ the ‘spinning wheel’ (sorry I don’t know the technical term) whirrs round and round for ages before a comment finally posts. This leaves one in a limbo. I’ve had to resort to having more than one page open at a time to get around this.

      One comment I posted before typing this comment is still whirring away!!!!


      1. I tend to have lots of tabs open anyway, so I just move to the next when that happens. And then closing the tab, and re-opening often shows the comment went off just fine. Flakey!


      2. Yes, I do the same. Oddly, sometimes when something is taking a long time, if I highlight the blog bar at the top of the screen and press enter, it uploads immediately. Very flakey |-|


      3. They should try spending time as a blogger then perhaps they’d understand the problem(s). I think that’s why Rampage’s support was second to none because he was a blogger as well as a member of the team.


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