Very good advice.

But just wondering.  Are there any more rebels like me who think it might be more fun just to shout louder sometimes??  


(image from via JBB on FB  )


28 thoughts on “DON’T RAISE YOUR VOICE …

  1. I know you were joking, gillyk. But the truth is that we’ve reached a point where there is so much shouting and noise in public debates, that it is really hard to listen… I only wish that advice such as this was heard… and could influence.


    1. Yes, I sympathise, and don’t approve (of course) of people shouting. In fact I often turn off the radio if the journalist is hectoring and shouting at an interviewee. It is so tiresome.

      Having said that, I think sometimes we can make our lack of reaction an excuse for not getting involved at all. And sometimes, not shouting can be downright dishonest, depending on the context. But as a general rule – shouting is not a good way of solving problems. And sometimes we can take ourselves too seriously.


    1. I used to notice that my children looked as much at my face as listened to the tone of my voice. A firm voice allied with an uncompromising face on the whole was fairly effective 😉 but I needed both!


      1. :))Was a plastic one litre one from supermarket and FORTUNATELY….. didn’t burst/break/spill…. or I’d have been truly livid…. and totally crestfallen and yes… the clearing up thing is awful…..:oops:


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