I’ve heard about it. I’ve read about it. And it finally happened to me

There we were, peacefully eating our picnic on the beach. I had taken a bite out of my ham and cheese sarnie, when all of a sudden I felt a brush against the side of my head and a split second later, a gull flapped to land a few yards away with its beak full of MY sarnie

It was immediately mobbed by a screaming gang of other gulls all determined to have a bite … no chance. Robber gull gull-ped it down.

So there I was, with my empty hand frozen in mid-air, a look of astonishment on my face and surrounded by the exclamations of everyone sitting around us. ย 

I have to admit, I had a sneaky admiration for my pickpocket – ahem, picsandwich – gull’s expertise. Wow. That was a seriously smooth operation. It barely touched my head, it didn’t touch my hand, and it got what it wanted in what was literally one fell swoop.

Gull – 1
Human being – nil!


No doubt about it. Gulls are the thugs of the bird world.


(image fromย )


26 thoughts on “MUGGED BY A SEAGULL

  1. Hahahaha….love it! They are amazing though aren’t they….brilliant survivors!
    We have several in the rescue at the moment, one we call Horace NEVER stops screaming for food, huge he is. Another one has a broken wing and has to be restricted to a cat carrier for a while. On Tuesday I couldn’t find the thick gloves so had to clean his cage without gloves….he grabbed my finger and nearly tore my nail off….they do have HUGE beaks and can be a little intimidating….xxxxx


  2. They really are opportunists!! what a shock for you though cos they are quite BIG aren’t they! I got pood on by one yesterday – on my arm… well the arm of my jacket! Huh! Looked like it had been eating green sand or something so probably not the one wot ate your sandwich!

    it was a peck-pocket!:DD


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