Took advantage of a lull in the week’s activities to dig out the hated ironing board and get to work on the ironing – oh joy and rapture. Switched on the Olympics to keep me company.

Happened to be halfway through the Women’s coxless pairs, so I was just in time to see the girls race home first to a gold medal.


Now I am British. We all know that we British Do Not Show Our Feelings. It’s only foreigners who do that |-| Good heavens! All this kissing and hugging that goes on these days – shocking stuff 8| Where’s our Dunkirk spirit??? We’d never have got our boys home if we’d spent our time sniffling and hugging and …

… hang on a min. They’re all singing the National Anthem.

… sure I’ve got a box of tissues somewhere here …

To crown it all, my sister came to visit yesterday.

‘And what did you think of my goddaughter winning gold?’ she said.

She’d been in the WRNS with Mary Stanning, Heather’s Mum!

Wot next! :.

(image from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/rowing/9444468/Olympic-gold-medallist-Heather-Stanning-to-deploy-to-Afghanistan-next-year.html )



  1. that really was exciting watching that race and everything and fancy you haveing a hands on connection with them through your sister! small world indeed! It was a wonderful moment and so moving to see them and hear them talk and everything…. and our first day of a gold for the UK etc… very uplifting!


      1. Nice poem, I hadn’t read it before. Can be a hot topic for discussion! There were interesting articles on this topic I saw in the internet. 🙂


      2. When we lived in Romania, we were befriended by an amazing guy who had lost one arm and one leg as a teenager in an accident, and had subsequently been imprisoned for his anti-communist activities. One day he showed us his copy of this poem in Romanian. He said that this poem kept him going in those dark days of imprisonment. Very good poem for discussion :yes:


  2. Ah, how I do love a stiff upper lip… more beautiful to me than any Olympic medal. But my congratulations to you on the achievements in the family, and the pleasure of watching good news on the TV. It must be a very welcome relief from the usual offerings. We do hear good things from England these days.


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