Our surgeon daughter phoned recently.  There had been an extremely ill child, who had internal bleeding and was  close to death.  The surgical team worked non-stop until 4.30 am, when at last the patient stabilised.  Exhausted and traumatised, the surgical team went home to bed.

Her consultant phoned her the next day.  He said that the situation had been extremely rare, and in his experience patients did not recover.  He said that he could hardly believe the child survived.  He had no faith, he said, and did not believe in God, but the only word he could find to describe her survival was ‘miracle’.

Daughter confessed she had been praying like crazy.  ‘Thought you might’, he said.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, I was holding our  newborn baby grandson.  He had just been fed and my youngest daughter had given him to me to get  his wind up, but he had gone to sleep instead on my shoulder.

I bent my head down, so I could feel his baby breath, coming and going on my cheek.

Two miracles.


7 thoughts on “TWO MIRACLES

  1. We are as different as possible, I’m an agnostic Jew, and you believe in God’s miracles… and yet your post made me feel emotional. Maybe because I’m expecting my first grandchild in November? A miracle?


    1. I think new birth is always a miracle and fills us with awe and wonder. The miracle of life is not something we have control over. Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts. I appreciate it. Very best wishes for your new grandchild’s arrival!


  2. Safely sleepy babies are a treasure indeed. Good news about the surgery on the child. let’s hope it goes from strength to strength.

    On your page here, there’s a red box outlined in red saying….Could not retrieve the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in….. What html link does it refer to I wonder, any ideas?


    1. Yes, I got my knickers in a twist … I thought it was about my following someone else’s blog, namely yours … but it isn’t, it’s for someone who wants to follow my blog – !


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