‘Let in our sister, Grief, who should always have a place by our fire.’  (African proverb)


As soon as I read this, I loved it.  What do we do with our grief?  Don’t we always try and get away from it, only to find that it’s following us around, attached to our lives like a shackle on our leg?

But grief is an inevitable part of our humanity.  The Psalms are a great place for finding lament and the honest expression of pain.

For me, this is a prayer.  I invite my griefs to the fireside.  They still hurt, but I am warm from the quiet, life-giving heat of God’s love.
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2 thoughts on “LET IN OUR SISTER, GRIEF

  1. This is fascinating…I need to think what it means for me and for those close to me. If I can gain some further understanding of ‘letting in grief’ and its juxtaposition to the fire, will that cleanse,expunge or in some physical way, free the sadness to disappear with the sparks that fly up into the night.


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