You may remember that I posted about the ’38 Degrees’ petition to stop the huge companies sponsoring the Olympics going for their tax dodges (if you missed it and want to catch up it’s here: )

Anyway, I have got an answer! Here it is:

‘Thanks for signing the petition calling on companies like McDonald’s to give up their Olympic tax break. [1] Moments after it launched, the rattled McDonald’s PR team were on the phone. [1] Minutes later they publicly confirmed they wouldn’t be taking up the tax dodge. [2]

Next in our sights is Coca-Cola. They’ll be supersizing their profits at the Olympics, expecting to sell 23 million drinks. [3] Together let’s make sure that they’re paying their fair share in tax too.

We’ve seen that a fast-growing petition can be enough to scare even a huge company like McDonald’s into doing the right thing. Now let’s turn up the pressure on Coke by keeping the petition growing. Every name helps. Can you ask your friends and family to sign it too?

Please forward this email to your friends and family and ask them to sign the petition before Friday:

The petition’s already got nearly 100,000 names. If you can help push it past that target we’ll organise a high profile hand-in to Coke’s London headquarters and a simultaneous people-powered flood of messages to them via Facebook and Twitter. Together, we’ll make a splash they can’t ignore!

38 Degrees members have been campaigning against tax dodging because things get cut when businesses don’t pay their fair share. The Olympics is a powerful global symbol. Taking on this particular tax dodge won’t fix the whole problem but it’ll send a strong message that we expect these massive multinationals to do the right thing.

If we can get past 100,000 signatures, we’ll organise a hand-in at Coke’s London headquarters this Friday. 

You can also share the petition on Facebook with one click:

Or on Twitter:

Thanks for being involved,

David T, Robin, Belinda and the 38 Degrees team

PS. The secretive nature of these companies’ tax arrangements makes it difficult to figure out exactly how much this Olympic tax dodge is worth. Let’s use people power to shine a light on what they’re up to. 

[1] Ethical Consumer: The Great Olympic Tax Swindle
[2] McDonald’s: Olympic Tax Exemption Clarification
[3] Coca-Cola: What does Coca-Cola’s sponsorship bring to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games?

14 thoughts on “PEOPLE POWER!

  1. Very encouraging to hear that these companies listen to public opinion. Of course, they’re willing to spen vast amounts on advertisement. Maybe they realized that having a bad name publicly, was not in their interest.


    1. Maybe they did! Who can tell what goes on in their corporate minds apart from the fact that, like cartoon Disney characters, their eyes flash sterling and dollar signs.


    1. Let’s hope so. If texting and twittering can bring about the so-called ‘Arab spring’ (or whatever it is in reality) then maybe we should expect to get some of our big companies under control 😉


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