Marika Sunseeker suggested that we need a modern Robin Hood to redress the balance between the rich and the poor. An excellent notion – thanks, Marika!

I read her comment just after reading THIS

It’s a petition to the massively wealthy Olympic sponsors, requesting them to pay their full whack of tax from their huge profits from the Olympics.

We can’t all be Merrie Men but ‘people power’ might make us feel we’re doing our bit

So what do you say – don your Lincoln Green and sharpen your arrows??  

The petition is run by who may well be a modern Robin Hood.

(By the way, if you don’t want to be contacted by them with updates etc, go here: and unsubscribe).


18 thoughts on “MODERN ROBIN HOOD??

  1. The politicians are in the pockets of these companies, for crying out loud. And no petition I ever signed online ever achieved anything.

    You’re dealing with the top 1% and they don’t care what we think – it’s our money they want, all of them together – and we just ain’t in that club, boys and girls.

    Someone once said, “The truth will set you free, but first, it will make you darn mad”.

    Welcome to the real world where we are all slaves – by our own consent.


    1. However, if we do nothing, then nothing will happen. There is a lot of pressure on governments now to do something serious about poverty, and progress is being made, slow and of course, never reported. You have to go digging for it.


    1. Certainly would :yes: Feeling is running very high here so I hope that something will be done – although doubtless it will not be enough as the Tories don’t want to put off their sponsors :no:


  2. I’ve signed several petitions from 38Degrees; they’re good people with no ulterior motive as far as I can see.
    Happy to don a bit of green and spend some time in the woods firing off arrows at wandering rich folk. How about Bob Diamond as a human pin cushion? LOL


  3. I know exactly who isn’t going to prosper from the Olympics – what worries me was this proposed idea that loans would be offered to help support people in care so that their houses wouldn’t have to be sold to pay for these loans until after they were gone – surely another way of screwing the poor, making them poorer?


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