Ever since we got our new ottoman lift-up bed there’s been an awful, fishy smell in the bedroom. It was obviously associated with the bed and I’ve tried everything, including lifting it up and having the window open all day every day.

We phoned the bed suppliers and they said that if we aired it then it would probably go away … but it hasn’t.

Today we contacted the consumer rights people for some advice, then the bed suppliers again. This time the guy asked us if it was to do with the boards which are put in the bottom, so you can store lots of stuff.

I removed a pile of pillows and had a sniff…

When I’d come round πŸ˜‰ we took the boards OUTSIDE where they are in disgrace, waiting for the next trip to the tip. And the bed people will send us some more. But I shall sniff them first :yes:


46 thoughts on “TRACKING DOWN THE PONG

  1. My bed always smells lovely: it has proper old-fashioned open springs: I have slept in it for more than 50 years, and my great aunt for fifty years before that. I buy a new matress every ten or so years, and I turn it regularly. I have had doubts about any sort of enclosed bed base ever since my sister told me about the black mould which developed under her son’s built-in bed simply from the moisture through the matress from a hot (but fully continent) sleeping child.


    1. I don’t like springs, to be honest – the continental habit of putting in springy beech ribs under the mattress suits me much better and means that air can circulate. What an awful story about your nephew’s bed!


      1. Grown-up and a father himself now, so obviously he survived black mould under the mattress. What bothers me is that I slept in that bed when I stayed with them while he was banished to sleep in his brother’s room.


  2. What the hell have the boards been through?

    You are, of course, in a great pirating, seafaring looting and beach-combing area.

    Oh honestly, that’s the limit!



      1. The complaint, GillyK usually evolves out of wood retrieved from the seashore, or used in the fishing industry in some way. Some years ago, a large quantity of oatmeal was affected. We, unsuspectingly, bought some. It, or a product stored with it, had been processed in some way with wood chips scavenged from beaches. The retailer did not scratch his head. We were not the first to speak to him about his stock, he told us. The man was focussed, saying he would send the whole batch back to the supplier, (on one of the islands) and offered us a selection of something else or a refund.

        It’s enough to put you off a product! We did not penalise the retailer we used, he was straight about what he thought may have happened. We were not in a hurry to repeat the purchase of that particular item from that supplier, though.


  3. How strange, do you need the boards? If not maybe you are better off without them. They must have had problems with others if they were able to point you in the right direction. Hope the smell now goes.


      1. Yes, the frame of the bed is put together with the lifting mechanism, then 4 boards with material stapled to them fit snugly inside at the bottom. This functions as marvellously roomy storage space, very necessary in our flat! I could put the spare bedding etc inside the bed directly on the floor, but suspect I would end up with very dusty stuff πŸ™„


      2. Yes,you need all the space you can get.One of our friends rents a garage for that purpose but unless you arrange everything carefully it could be a nightmare!!Well,it is,I think.


      3. It has been a MASSIVE challenge! Hub managed to find an extra 25cms of wall-space yesterday, enabling us to move a piece of furniture so we an now open the bedroom door fully!! It’s very tight 😦 but we are prevailing!! πŸ˜‰


      4. Lots of rain 😦 – no, people were far too intriguing !!! – but what we have now is a social life. We haven’t been able to have much of one for 5 years because clergy can’t make personal friends in the parish, and the hours are not conducive for a social life. Well, we found that anyway – other clergy may manage it. But it’s great just being ‘us’ and not having a ‘role’ where so much is expected of us all the time.


  4. The title of your post sounds like the title of an Edward Lear poem.. LOL :))

    Seriously though I’m glad you found it and glad that the boards could be removed and replaced. Imagine if it was the bed itself !! Doesn’t bear thinking about.

    How’s the thumb ? Still painful ? xxx


    1. Thanks for asking, Keggy – it’s not too bad at all, neither is my leg where they took the skin from for the graft. All should be revealed tomorrow when I see Mr Surgeon again 8|


      1. One of the reasons we chose the bed is because we were told it was made from ash and ‘ash-effect’, which is pretty standard in flat-packland. But not the boards at the bottom!


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