Alistair Moffatt was interviewed on the Today programme this morning. He is part of an international survey on our ‘deep ancestry’, and claims that our DNA can show where everybody came from.

‘Everyone in Britain is an immigrant … the only issue is, when did you arrive?’ he said.

Their discoveries are ‘beginning to make the Bible come alive’.

It appears we all descend from 2 common ancestors – one male, the other female. Apparently they didn’t meet … but at some point they must have, thinks I … or we wouldn’t be here :crazy:

Fascinating to discover that the Jewish name Cohen has a very pure ancestry and can trace its line back to the Aaron of the Old Testament who was Moses’ brother and the first High Priest. People have also been traced to the Queen of Sheba.

If you go to http://www.britainsdna.com/ you can read more, and even take part if you have the spare cash!

All very intriguing.

Thanks to Arose-amongst-thorns for drawing my attention to this. :wave:



  1. Fascinating stuff. Of course, virtually all of the English come from somewhere else and few are really indigenous to these islands.
    The DNA research is fascinating; I believe a living descendant was found for the Alpine Man found frozen in a glacier – a period of several thousand years.


  2. I remember a TV programme about an African tribe (not the Falashas) whose religious practices are very similar to Judaism and whose priestly caste has the same DNA marker as the Cohens.


  3. very interesting. Not really a big surprise. On the website it was suggesting that we all descend from perhaps 5000 individuals, rather than just 2, but even so, we are all related. I have always felt that basically people are the same whereever you go. Unfortunately, Africa, the cradle of mankind, still has no peace, and that find it very sad.


      1. Thought you were talking about the time of the great flood – when there was writing because other cultures attest it eg the Epic of Gilgamesh.

        I guess A and E didn’t need to write … πŸ˜‰ – maybe they drew cave paintings!


  4. I’m familiar with another research project which shows very similar results. I’m sure it’ll be difficult for some people to deal with the ‘science’.


    1. Yes. Once one has made up one’s mind it’s very difficult to prise it open to accommodate information that is regarded as unpalatable, for whatever reason.


  5. Most interesting hypothesis…raises more questions than it answers….
    So many ‘assumptions’…..not least the ‘historicity’ of the Bible….:roll: πŸ™‚


      1. The ‘use’ of ‘Adam and Eve’ is unfortunate…..immediately linking scientific work to a ‘historically questionable’ Bible narrative….Pure Geneticists must surely blink at such an inference….
        As it is….It is axiomatic by now…that humans have a ‘Common Ancestor’ – a well attested fact with which many people seem to feel most uncomforatble….;)


      2. Yes, I thought it was an odd thing to do – indeed, I wondered if I should check the calendar and make sure it wasn’t April 1st!

        The word for Adam simply means ‘man’, to my understanding. It seems a pictorial way of saying that we are all descended from a common ancestor.


      3. I agree Gilly….Many…Many people will not see ‘Adam’ as such…..Responses to your post would mke thaat clear….:roll: Odd reference…to say the least….;)


      4. I tried to make that clear in the title ‘An Adam’ – but people bring a huge number of assumptions to this sort of information :yes: πŸ˜‰


  6. First you must believe that there was an Adam and Eve, do that and it makes sense, but, where is the proof that there was an adam and Eve and that it is not a story made up to try and answer the question put two thousand years ago when they did not have the knowledge but could not show their ignorance.


    1. I think what they are saying the DNA shows is that we are all descended from a single man and a single woman originally. ‘Adam’, as I understand it, is simply the Hebrew for ‘man’. It is the Jewish revelation about his relationship with God that has become controversial in some societies, like ours. What you do with the DNA evidence is up to you, but perhaps some people have been too hasty to dismiss the Bible as unreliable. There is as much ‘scientific’ evidence in favour of its reliability as there is against. After all, why do we find it easy to accept that Caesar wrote his ‘Gallic Wars’, when there is very little evidence, and the few manuscripts are very late – but we don’t want the Bible to be true, when there is a great deal of supporting evidence, and numerous manuscripts, some very early? The proof of the pudding is in the eating.


      1. Hello Gilly, I do not accept anything without some proof, Caesar may or may not have written anything, there is no proof, so I can not accept it. I have to decide between scientists, who are possibly right and have a explainable theory and theologians that may be right but are too ready to accept any theory that fits in with their wishes.

        Unfortunately we must wait until we die to find out about the pudding.


      2. I’m afraid scientists are as guilty as anyone of looking for proof that fits in with their theory. I am very sceptical of anyone, religious or secular, who makes a claim that seems too convenient for their theory. What also happens is that people who have decided that all religion is a fake have a mind as closed as anyone else, and distort the infomation to fit in with his or her presuppositions. It is very hard for us to open our minds to something that challenges dearly-held views, do you not think?

        We can taste the pudding here and now but will have to wait for the full helping! πŸ˜‰

        Thanks for engaging in this discussion, Tevor.


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