‘The idea that there are two sexes derives from the 18th century’

(Adrian Thatcher, Church Times, 6 July 2012)

Shame our ancestors were so unobservant.



30 thoughts on “MORE THAN TWO SEXES

    1. And an utterly ridiculous and totally untrue statement :yes: – and arrogant too, assuming that we know better than anybody who ever came before us!!


      1. Don’t suppose you caught the radio (4) this morning saying about DNA going back to two original individuals from whom all of us were descended but that they weren’t there at the same time… Adam and Eve never actually met 😉 but a man in Scotland is a pure descendant from Eve apparently and we can have our DNA traced too if we want though have to pay…. it all sounds FASCINATING. Said stuff in the OT is being born out by the findings etc…


      2. well he is apparently two twiddles out… the dna is as close as if Eve were his grandmother or something. Apparently he said he’d lived a very unremarkable life up until discovering this! Scottish chap.


      3. cue…. the Pink Panther music! 😀 I always loved the cartoon of it with the cartoon pink panther. I’d have married him if he’d have asked me….;)


    1. It’s from an article advocating a re-definition of marriage.
      Thanks for asking about the thumb! It’s most painful in the evening but responds well to the painkillers (and not trying to type too much 😉 )


    1. Such a very stupid and miserably parochial comment calls into question the provenance of his whole argument, which is in favour of a re-definition of marriage.


      1. Is there a suggested specification for the redefinition of marriage? There are several definitions around as it is, all of them valid.


      2. Agreeing what is valid where validity has already been in custom and use and accepted is tantamount to re-validating. For what reason?

        This has manipulative shades of the distortion in the current debate and delay on the ordination of women Bishops.


      3. I cannot comment on the original article and who said what,and what they might be distorting, because I have not studied it.

        The validity issue that is raised here, is what appears to me to be heading for distortion. Which is why I asked the question….”Agreeing what is valid where validity has already been in custom and use and accepted is tantamount to re-validating. For what reason?”


    1. We know that it is very rare to find hermaphrodites. Whether they wish to be called a third sex, or whether they wish to choose between the two usual ones, these days is up to them to decide.


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