21 thoughts on “INTEGRITY

    1. It appears that it may not be Lewis in origin, so my Lewis-expert friend says. There are certainly plenty of very similar quotes out there attributed to all sorts of people. It is a timely reminder in a world of crooked bankers and journalists. And a constant reminder for me too.


  1. Maybe because its the governments we have, but I’m sure things will improve with more enlightened leadership. Integrity is something really lacking down here in NZ.


      1. I went to the Salvation Army tonight. The Lieutenant talked about Saint Paul mentioning the third heaven and the thorn in his side.
        I thought we don’t understand the first heaven let alone second or third ? The thorn Saint Paul refers to is endlessly speculated about…………. so I felt frustrated that 50 or 60 people sat there for an hour with most probably no hope of learning or understanding anything.
        I hope you are now beginning to feel better. David.


      2. Oh dear, sounds more like a Bible study for the converted than teaching to help in everyday life – although of course the Bible is pretty main for that too. Hope the standard of preaching improves!


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