(from Amnesty International’s site)


24 thoughts on “GUNS

  1. How scary is the world now? Insanity seems to be creeping in and common sense flying out.
    Good luck with Madam thumb Gilly….I shall be thinking of you.xxxxx


  2. I do not believe it is afact that we are independent we nver have beein my life time we have strounged off so many weaker nations. The arms business is a huge problem for the UK being such large arms manufactures; however I have every sympathy for your views I am afraid ethics and business are uneasy partners

    However all the very best for you on Tuesday. I had a big heart op. four years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience there after four days I was washing myself You’ll be OK you see !


    1. I’m not sure it’s possible for anyone, never mind a nation, to be truly independent: we are interdependent, or should be. But we British are a bolshy lot!

      Thank you so much for your good wishes, and the encouragement of your story.


  3. There are large toy guns in the shops with bead like pellets that can be repeatedly shot at animals and people doing a lot of harm. The toy guns that have been banned are the harmless ones like we played with as kids the pretend ones, there are a lot of nasty ones on sale.xx


      1. The trouble with us British, is that we like the fact that we are an island and hugely independent and we hate having anyone else tell us what to do :yes: On the other hand, we do like the perks of belonging to the EU!!!


  4. We have it wrong….Being at Salts Mill this week made me realise how we have forgotten so much good stuff, and taken on all the madness of what??? Oh dear.

    I hope all’s well with you – I will be thinking about you on the 3rd as I know it’s your surgery day….lots of hummingbirds coming your way Gilly. x


    1. We’ve become a consumer society and that has stripped us of so many better things, I suspect.

      Thank you so much for your good wishes and beautiful humming birds.


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