Here are some facts and figures for you, George.

(thanks to Daughter 1 and niece via FB  )



  1. 95 billion does seem a very high estimate. I wonder where it comes from too. Totally agree about the bankers though, they get us in a mess, we get them out, and then they take big bonuses, totally immoral.


  2. But where does the £95 billion figure come from……………….so many folk take benefits and still work for cash.

    I think the dhss paying rent for people to live in houses and areas where full time workers cannot ever afford to live is absurd. There must be incentives not to sit at home.
    Some of the TV series show a sick side of Britain and appear to encourage scroungers.

    People in real need should continue to be helped. David.


    1. Indeed. I think there’s a reference to the source of those stats in the bottom left hand corner, but I can’t make it out.

      This government seems incapable of joined-up thinking. Of course people should be encouraged to work and not rely on benefits – but when we’re in a recession and jobs are being cut at a rate of knots, saying so is hardly likely to help anybody!


      1. The banking system is hanging by a thread and probably the government have to say many things they wouldn’t choose to say, but in order to maintain the pound exchange rate and low borrowing rates. I find listening to those who landed the country in its present mess quite irritating…………. when for several years we received offers of 0% loans it was clear that there was overspending by people and government on a grand unsustainable scale.
        Then Gordon Brown said, ‘ no boom and bust ‘………….. anybody with a grain of intelligence must have realized the stupidity of the remark. David.


      2. If you earn £100,000 losing £10,000 to extra taxes just means a cheaper car or one less holiday but if you earn £12000 losing £1000 to extra taxes is a disaster….. you cant afford food or heating oil.

        So it cannot be fair while there are such big pay variations. But then we wouldnt like a communist state either. David.


      3. Thanks for asking. It’s been very interrupted – though happily – by family needs, but we think we have now made the final bookcase and cupboard and we’re on to the titivating aspects of making it look like a home rather than a flat, if you know what I mean. I go in for partial amputation on my thumb on Tuesday.


  3. And haven’t certain banks been adding to the problems. A massive fine today for one of them, (Barclays) is likely to end up where……? I hear the bank’s creative accounting and auditing had a major effect on American Markets.

    It’s time there was more public assertiveness about reversing the tax dodges that the system allows. Of course, some of the major donors to the party know and use every trick, and skilfully; paying out to the party funds, creating dependency, is just one of them.


    1. Why don’t they tackle those people? It’s making them so unpopular, the way they are gunning for the poorest and most vulnerable while letting the super-rich off scot-free – even reducing their taxes!! Outrageous :>


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