Hello one and all, a quickie to say that Baby Bunting is fine and he and Daughter came out of hospital on Tuesday and they are doing really well. They have recently moved house so, poor things, they are still fairly chaotic but at least with Hub and me there, meals get cooked and babies get changed πŸ˜‰ (Well, they do anyway – needs must!) Hub is working with son in law on putting up shelves etc so we are making ourselves useful. Not sure at present how long we will be here, but all being well we plan to be back at home early next week, to have a final try at getting straight :??: before I go in for my surgery on 3 July.

No time now to catch up with you all but hope to do so soon! Take care, you lot :wave:

15 thoughts on “JUST RACING BY

  1. Seems like a lot is happening. I can imagine how busy you all are. I had the pleasure of gaining a new granddaughter, at the same time, by the way. Sending you my best wishes.


  2. Oh my…life is so busy for you me dear girl….and you just moved yourselves as well….I hope you all get settled soon…how lovely to have a new baby in the family though!xxxxx


  3. so pleased thre family is settling down. You are very busy making yourself uaseful.I know the game !

    I wish you well for 3 July.I hope the strike has not caused delay.however Go bless and quick recovery bb


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