We packed the car, full to the gunwhales with things Youngest Daughter had commandeered from our previous house, and drove off in the pouring rain. About 10 miles down the road the mobile rang. It was Son in Law.

‘They’ve got the baby on a 5-day course of antibiotics. He can’t come home until it’s finished, because it’s being given intravenously …’

We turned round and came back. Now Hub has built another bookcase instead.

And we STILL can’t get all our books in our bookcases …


19 thoughts on “STILL HERE!

  1. Best wishes for new parents sibling and baby’s recovery.

    You may have to think ‘out of the box’ about books. Universities have stacks; I wonder if that sort of idea can be turned to good advantage; create a mezzanine floor in the loo.



    1. We’ll probably go up tomorrow, and relieve son in law of our grandson for a while. Daughter and baby are now due to come out on Tuesday, all being well. It’s good that the hospital is taking no chances. Thanks very much, Kathryn.


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