IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup :yes: An exhausted son in law phoned us this morning to say that he and Youngest Daughter had gone to the hospital at about 2.30am and their new baby son was born by forceps around 6.30am (I think – bless him, he wasn’t very coherent!)

Anyway, all is well. They are due to leave hospital on Saturday so that means I can go for my pre-surgery assessment tomorrow, all quiet and civilised-like, and then to Bristol on Saturday to stay with them for a few days.



61 thoughts on “IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Tracy! Caleb is now 7 months old and when they were with us a week ago he grabbed my t shirt and pulled himself up – very sturdy little legs! They are such a source of joy.


    1. thanks very much! The assessment was OK – long and tedious but thorough and professional and I do think we are lucky with our NHS, despite all the things wrong with it! but then you would know all about that. Hope you’re continuing to do well, RIM :yes:


  1. Thats brilliant! congratulations! gosh I bet she was tired at 6.30 am. My daughter was born at that time and I named one of her middle names Dawn.

    Have they picked any names yet?


    1. what a nice idea, naming your daughter after the time she was born! They are going to call him Caleb and either 1 or 2 middle names but they haven’t decided yet.


      1. 2 little boys sounds a lot of fun to me 😉 but then my days of getting up in the night etc are over – more or less, until staying with grandkids!


      1. It’s interesting how time schedules can change, slip, or, really be non-existent, because of the slightest blip in one department. Like hovering around for the loo space to do what’s required when someone else is sampling the samples left in it; or, the ECG person wants to talk about unusual socks, or the person doing the obs., is put off his/her stroke and forgets to do something, all because a member of staff needs to raid the fridge in the room to get their lunch! The main chat and information-giving time, if it is slotted in to the process, is something not to be hurried.


      2. I guess out of the 2 and a half hours I may have spent half an hour actually with medical staff being ‘done’. Tedious – but when I remember the time when I sat outside in northern Nigeria with 300 other mothers to have my sick baby seen to by a single missionary doctor doing a clinic in a hospital where there was absolutely no antiseptic to be had – she had put a piece of soap in a kidney dish with a little water and her essential instruments – then it doesn’t take me long to remember how very, very blessed we are with our NHS despite the time it takes! It keeps me hanging on … and thankful 😉


    1. thanks, Shimon! They called their first son Nathan, and this one is to be named Caleb. I hope they grow up like their biblical namesakes, with the same courage!


    1. Thanks very much, and for thinking of me too! I’ve been out today but for some reason am feeling under the weather – not been sleeping well – so came home and mollycoddled myself for a change 😉


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